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Computer Hardware

The core maintains access to several computer resources for bioinformatic analysis:

  1. HCI-BIOs (32G, 16 cores, Illumina Pipeline processing), (16G, 2 core, virtual disk server), (36G, 2 core, disk mounts), (16G, 4 core, web server), (64G, 8 core, general purpose), (64G, 8 core, general purpose), (64G, 8 core, general purpose) - an expanding group of 64-bit Linux servers linked by a shared NFS file system
  2. CHPC Ember cluster - a 15 node/ 156 core cluster was purchased by the core and is hosted by the Center for High Performance Computing. Access to this resource is brokered by the core's Tomato framework.
  3. Data storage - In addition to ~12 TB of fast disk attached to the linux servers, two Promise Arrays containing 168 TB RAID 5 storage disk are used to contain the output from the Illumina sequencers and data analysis. Automatic daily incremental and monthly full backups are made to tape storage.