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Research Services

Research Services

Nucleic Acid Isolation

  • Archival Formalin Fixed Parafin Embedded (FFPE) specimens including micro-dissection of aniline blue stained sections, scrolls, and punches
  • Fresh/Frozen tissue
  • Blood, blood products, and body fluids

Agena MassArray

The Agena MassArray is a mass spectrometry based high throughput SNP genotyping and somatic mutation detection platform.


The NanoString platform is a PCR-free method to analyze mRNA, miRNA and CNV of up to 800 targets.

RainDance RainDrop Digital Droplet PCR

The RainDrop system generates up to 10 million individual PCR droplets and can be used for ultra-sensitive mutation, gene expression, and CNV detection.  In addition, the system can be used for highly multiplexed targeted amplicon Illumina Library preparations.