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Agena MassArray

Sequenom MassArray

The Agena MassArray is a cost effective mass spectrometry based system for high throughput SNP genotyping, somatic mutation profiling and methylation analysis of DNA isolated from fresh/frozen and FFPE specimens. The system is ideally suited to validate SNPs identified by next generation GWAS studies in larger sample sets. In addition, the MassArray is capable of detecting somatic mutations with 5-10% frequency in the original tumor-derived DNA.

Please visit the Agena Website for additional information.

iPlex Pro Chemistry

The MassArray utilizes Agena’s iPlex Pro chemistry for SNP genotyping and somatic mutation profiling.

Sample Preparation

The input DNA amount varies based upon how many wells per sample are required for the specific panel.



Data Analysis

The Molecular Diagnostics laboratory will upload a text file containing suspected mutations or SNPs and the raw mass spec data file to GNomEx.