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In collaboration with ARUP Laboratories, the Molecular Diagnostics Section of the BMP Core is now offering services on the NanoString Technologies nCounter Platform. Please contact the Molecular Diagnostics Core for pricing.

This system utilizes a novel amplification-free digital color-coded barcode technology that directly measures levels of individual target molecules, either RNA, DNA or Protein, with an extremely high level of precision and sensitivity. The assays are designed to measure up to 800 targets in a single reaction, and the platform processes 12 samples simultaneously. Please refer to the NanoString Web site for a detailed explanation of the technology.

Pre-designed Panels

NanoString has developed a number of pre-designed panels for off-the-shelf use that are available in kits for 12, 24, 48 or 96 samples. For a complete list of the targets covered by each panel, please visit the following links:

Gene Expression Panels

nCounter PanCancer Progression Profiling for Human
nCounter PanCancer Immune Profiling for Human
nCounter PanCancer Pathways for Human
nCounter Human Immunology v2
nCounter Human Inflammation v2
nCounter PanCancer Immune Profiling for Mouse
nCounter Mouse Immunology
nCounter Mouse Inflammation v2
nCounter Human Breast Cancer ER
nCounter Stem Cell
nCounter Human Kinase
nCounter Human Reference
nCounter Human Cancer Reference
nCounter Customer Assay Evaluation (CAE)


miRNA Expression Panels

nCounter Human miRNA Assay Kits
nCounter Mouse miRNA Assay Kits
nCounter Rat miRNA Assay Kits
nCounter Custom à la carte miRNA CodeSets

nCounter miRGE CodeSets - Analyze expression levels of both message and micro RNA simultaneously in a single reaction


Copy Number Variation

nCounter CNV Custom CodeSets
nCounter Cancer CN Assay
nCounter Human Karyotype Panel


nCounter Vantage RNA:Protein Immune Cell Profiling Panel


nCounter ChIP-String Assay


nCounter Elements TagSets

This allows the user to specify which targets they are interested in detecting. Custom panels are designed in conjunction with NanoString Technologies, either from the ground up or as an addition to one of the existing pre-designed panels.

nCounter Vantage Gene Fusion Panels

Lung Gene Fusion Panel
Leukemia Gene Fusion Panel

nCounter Vantage Solid Tumor Assays

DNA SNV Solid Tumor Panel
RNA:Protein Solid Tumor Assay for Lysate
RNA:Protein Solid Tumor Assay for FFPE
DNA:Fusion Lung Assay