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Pathology Services

The Biorepository and Molecular Pathology (BMP) shared resource at HCI works closely with pathologists in the Department of Pathology at the University of Utah and ARUP Laboratories.  This collaboration ensures the collection of high quality biospecimens for research without impacting patient care.  Pathologists are integrated into the biospecimen procurement process to determine if excess tissue is available for research from patients consented on clinical trials.  In addition, pathologists in the Anatomic and Surgical Pathology Divisions perform quality control of biospecimens distributed to researchers to ensure CAP compliance and verify the diagnosis and identify of research specimens.

The Research Histology and Molecular Diagnostics Sections of the BMP Shared Resource also consult with pathologists to verify the diagnosis of research specimens.  In addition, pathologists routinely identify the optimal specimen and tumor area for micro-dissection of archival tissue for downstream analysis and molecular testing.  This step minimizes the amount of non-tumor nucleic acids in the specimen, which can significantly impact the results of molecular tests.

Find a Pathologist

The BMP Shared Resource requires that researchers collaborate with a pathologist to confirm the identity and diagnosis of biospecimens.  In addition, pathologists can also assist with identifying the best specimen for molecular analysis.

Please visit the ARUP Anatomic Pathology Experts page to find a pathologist who specializes in your research area.

ARUP Anatomic Pathology Experts

University of Utah Department of Pathology