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Genetic Counseling

Wendy K. Kohlmann, CGC

The goal of the Genetic Counseling (GC) Shared Resource is to facilitate clinical, behavioral, and basic science research involving cancer genetics and inherited susceptibility. The work of the GC Resource contributes substantially to transdisciplinary cancer investigations and research collaborations by integrating basic science discoveries (gene discovery) with population research (high-risk syndrome characterization) and clinical trials (genetic testing for diagnosis of potential subjects) to further Huntsman Cancer Institute's (HCI) individualized oncology goals. Specifically, the GC Shared Resource provides the following services:

  • Study consultation with investigators
  • Recruitment of high-risk individuals into studies and registries so data and biospecimens are readily available for clinical and basic researchers
  • Expertise necessary for cancer syndrome diagnosis, genetic counseling, and genetic testing so investigators can incorporate genetic variation into study design and interpretation
  • Education for researchers about the role of genetic susceptibility in cancer

The GC Shared Resource assists with studies to define the genetics and phenotype of hereditary cancer syndromes, identify new high- and low-penetrant cancer predisposition genes, evaluate the psychosocial implications of genetic diagnoses, and evaluate screening and management approaches for high-risk patients.

In the Family Cancer Assessment Clinic, genetic counselors and physicians provide personalized cancer risk assessment and tailored recommendations for cancer screening and prevention. For some patients and families, genetic testing may be offered to more accurately clarify the cause of the cancer risk in families. Patients are also informed of research studies in which they may be eligible to participate.

Genetic Counseling Governance

HCI Senior Director Oversight
Cornelia Ulrich, MS, PhD

Faculty Advisory Committee Chair
David Goldgar, PhD

Faculty Advisory Committee Members
Lisa Aspinwall, PhD
Saundra Buys, MD
Matthew Firpo, PhD
Kimberly Kaphingst, PhD
Deborah Neklason, PhD
Erin Rothwell, MS, PhD
Joshua Schiffman, MD
Theresa Werner, MD

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