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Glass Wash Facility

Rebecca Runk

The Glass Wash Shared Resource provides sterile glassware, plasticware, and certain reagents (media and plates) for all research laboratories on the third, fourth and fifth floors of the HCI building. The staff collects dirty glassware and redistributes clean glassware once or twice daily, five days per week. The staff provides solutions and plates, clean lab coats, autoclaved lab supplies such as pipette tips and Eppendorf tubes, and special glassware or services (e.g., washing containers with RNAase inhibitors). They also conduct regular maintenance of resource equipment. The Glass Wash Shared Resource provides services to the High-Throughput Genomics and Biorepository and Molecular Pathology Shared Resource. The Glass Wash Facility is equipped with three Steris Reliance 400 rack washers, three Steris Reliance 1024 dryers, two AMSCO-SV-120 steam small autoclaves, two AMSCO 3043 S vacuumatic steam autoclaves, and one AMSCO Powerpack electric steam boiler.