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Preclinical Research Resource Faculty Director
David H Lum, PhD

The PRR has a cancer translational research-centered mission to facilitate the use of patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models, genetically engineered mouse models (GEMMs), and other relevant mouse cancer models in preclinical drug development and identification of relevant biomarkers for treatment selection and evaluation. The PRR mission includes developing strategies for predictive preclinical research with the goal of facilitating their routine application in clinical research in order to achieve optimal outcomes in the management of various cancers. PRR achieves its mission through internal projects focused on applied preclinical model development and through collaborations focused on therapeutics and biomarker development.

The PRR Shared Resource is led by Sheri Holmen, PhD —an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery and a Cancer Center member since 2011—and includes two personnel with specialized cancer research expertise. Dr. Holmen works in close coordination with Brittni Smith, PhD, PRR Associate Director.

Preclinical Research Resource Governance

HCI Senior Director Oversight
Martin McMahon, PhD

Faculty Advisory Committee Chair
Sheri Holmen, PhD

Faculty Advisory Committee Members
Eric Snyder, MD, PhD
Alana Welm, PhD