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David Lum

David Lum, PhD
Faculty Director
Office: 801-213-5663

David came to the University of Utah in 2010 as a faculty member in the Department of Oncological Sciences where he worked with patient-derived xenografts to examine mechanisms of metastasis and drug resistance. In 2014 he moved to the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation to establish their Patient-Derived Xenograft and Preclinical Therapeutics Core. He returned the Huntsman Cancer Institute to direct the PRR in 2016.

Kate Modzelewska, PhD
Associate Director
Office: 801-213-5640

Kate received her doctorate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studied breast cancer metastasis in the laboratory of Dr. Patricia Keely. She came to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in 2006 as a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Nadeem Moghal, where she studied EGFR and WNT signaling using in C. elegans development. In 2010 Kate joined Dr. Rodney Stewart’s Lab, where she generated an in vivo model of pediatric brain cancer in Zebrafish and showed that MEK inhibitors are a promising therapy. Kate has been with the PRR since Fall 2016.

Chris Nelson
Lab Technician
Lab: 801-585-6107

Chris graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Biology, Emphasis in Cellular and Molecular Biology, in 2013. Throughout his undergraduate career, he worked as a full time lab technician performing high volume site specific EEG electrode implantations, in vivo novel anti-epilepsy drug screenings, and histology in various rodent models of epilepsy for a joint Department of Defense and National Institute of Health grant with the Dr. F.E. Dudek lab in the U of U Dept. of Neurosurgery. Chris joined the PRR in Fall of 2016 and is currently working on attaining his ASCP Histotechnologist certification.

Vivian Bentley
Student Research Assistant
Lab: 801-585-6107

Vivian is a sophomore at the University of Utah. During her freshman year, she worked as a lab aide in the Camp Lab where she was involved in processing PBMCs. Vivian joined the PRR in the Fall of 2016. She keeps samples and records organized, and assists with tissue processing and embedding.