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Advanced Topic Courses

Below are representative examples of courses that would be acceptable as an advanced topic. To see if a particular course is offered this semester, please email the course director.

Note: If you want to propose an additional elective (it must be genomics-focused), please contact Andrea Bild, andreab@genetics.utah.edu

From the Department of Biomedical Engineering

BMI 6030  Foundations of Bioinformatics
BMI 6420 Advanced Biomedical Computing
BMI 6530 Bioinformatics II

From the Department of Bioengineering

BME 303  Introduction to Computing
BME 341/383J Computational Genomics Lab

From the Department of Biology

BIO 5910  Mathematical Models in Biology
BIO 5011 Mathematical Biology I
BIO 5012 Mathematical Biology II
BIO 5221 Human Evolutionary Genetics

Additional Elective Course Options

FPMD 7130  Longitudinal Data Analysis
EDPS 7570 Multivariate Statistics
FPMD 7120 Linear and Logistic Regression
FPMD 6300 Epidemiology
FPMD 7140 Applied Multivariate Data Analysis
MATH 6010 Linear Models
MATH 6020 Multivariate Models