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Recommended Genome Science Course Timing

The recommended Genome Sciences courses are to be taken in addition to those required for the home department. Alternative timing of classes is allowed.

Year 1 Fall Semester

Students follow Molecular Biology, Biological Chemistry, or Neuro program core courses.

Year 1 Spring Semester

  1. HGEN 6090 Introduction to Bioinformatics (half semester, 2nd half)
  2. PHTX 7777 & PHTX 7778 Applied Genomics (full semester)

Year 2 Fall Semester

  1. Genomics Journal Club (full semester)
    Transcription Journal Club (full semester)

Year 2 Spring Semester

  1. BMI6105 Statistics for Biomedical Informatics (full semester
  2. BE 6900-007 Genomic Signal Processing Computational Lab (full semester)
    or MDINF 6950  Bioinformatics (full semester)
  3. Advanced topic (full semester)

Year 3, Fall Semester

Advanced topic

Year 3, Spring Semester

Advanced topic