Offering Prosthetics (Artificial Parts) For the Face

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Offering Prosthetics (Artificial Parts) For the Face

Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) Facial Prosthetics service makes replacement parts for faces damaged by cancer. A prosthetic is an artificial body part. We create realistic prostheses that match each patient’s skin color and texture.

HCI’s Facial Prosthetics service is one of the most complete resources in the Mountain West.

Oftentimes, surgeons can rebuild parts of the face that have been damaged from cancer treatment. (Rebuilding your facial features is called reconstructive surgery.) But for some patients, a prosthetic may be a better approach than reconstructive surgery for the following reasons:

  • Takes less time
  • Costs less money
  • Has fewer health risks

A facial prosthesis can be helpful in these ways:

  • Makes parts of the face changed by cancer look more like they did before
  • Brings back the patient’s self-image and self-confidence
  • Makes a patient’s facial features work as they did before (called “restoring function”)


A trained anaplastologist leads HCI’s Facial Prosthetics service. Anaplastologists specialize in making prostheses.

We offer new patients a free initial visit. During this visit, we will answer your questions about these concerns:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Options for your prosthesis
  • Benefits and limitations of prosthetic restoration

If you get a prosthesis, you’ll come back several times so we can fit, design, and finish your prosthesis. Our goal is to make the prosthesis and attachment method that works best for you.

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You can call HCI’s Facial Prosthetics service at 801-585-0140 or ask your cancer care team to contact us for you.