Patient and Family Support
A diagnosis of cancer is not just stressful for the patient, but for the entire family. Patients and family members may struggle with feelings of anxiety, stress, fear, depression, and helplessness. Patient and Family Support is an important part of the team approach to treatment. Our staff can help patients and their loved ones by answering questions, finding resources, and reducing the distress associated with cancer.

Supportive Oncology and Survivorship
This service and its team focus on pain, symptom management, and psychosocial distress. Anyone facing a life-threatening cancer or who has concerns about pain management, quality of life, or prognosis may benefit from the service.

Wellness and Integrative Health Center
The Linda B. and Robert B. Wiggins Wellness and Integrative Health Center promotes physical and emotional well-being and a sense of balance for people diagnosed with cancer and for their loved ones. Many and varied programs and services complement the medical care of Huntsman Cancer Institute patients during and after treatment.

Cancer Champions
People are considered cancer survivors from the moment of diagnosis throughout the treatment, remission, or progression of their disease. These are stories of inspiration from several of our cancer survivors.

Giving Back
Cancer is a life-changing journey. Survivors and their loved ones have the opportunity to share their experiences and help others. Learn ways you can participate, contribute, and educate others.