The Farmington Health Center's cardiology clinic provides comprehensive care to make sure your heart stays healthy. We care for patients suffering from a wide variety of heart conditions.

Our expert specialists practice the latest techniques in cardiac care and clinical therapies, ensuring you benefit from current research and innovations to provide high-quality, leading-edge cardiac care.

Conditions We Treat

We treat the following conditions:

  • heart failure
  • hypertensive emergencies
  • serious heart rhythm abnormities (problems) like cardiac arrhythmia
  • acute coronary syndromes

Services & Treatments

Our cardiologists offer a wide range of treatments that aren’t offered at other clinics. Some of our services include the following:


Where Are We Located Inside Farmington Health Center?

Our cardiology clinic is located on the second floor on the north side of the building. When you arrive at our clinic, our staff will help guide you where to go.

To make your appointment more comfortable, our clinic offers:

  • free Wi-Fi,
  • large comfy chairs, and
  • electrical outlets in the furniture so you can charge your device.