Outpatient Infusion Therapy

Huntsman Cancer Institute Infusion Services at Farmington Health Center provides cost-effective, outpatient infusion therapy in a comfortable and safe environment.

We are committed to providing quality IV therapy services in the community setting. Our staff consists of experienced nurses, many certified in oncology nursing and/or infusion services.

We have 12 infusion chairs in our open bay infusion room. We also have a fast-track area for quick visits, such as lab draws, port care, and injections.

Hours & Location

We are located on the first floor of the Farmington Health Center in the south west corner Monday–Friday. Patients can park in the Huntsman designated parking stalls on the west side of the building and enter using the west entrance.

Mon—Fri: 7am to 5:30pm
Location: First floor, Huntsman Cancer Institute Infusion Room

Sat-Sun: Not open

Contact Clinic Nurse Manager

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Nurse Manager Candace Lombardi at 801-213-6366.


  • Antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal
  • Biotherapy
  • Blood product
  • Chemotherapy
  • Electrolyte, vitamins, and mineral replacement
  • Enzyme therapy
  • Hydration and anti-emetics
  • Immune modulating medications
  • Immunoglobulin
  • Immunosuppressive
  • IV catheter-care maintenance
  • Lab blood draws from long-term venous access devices
  • Multiple sclerosis therapies
  • Rheumatoid therapy