Breast Screenings, Ultrasounds, & Biopsies

Did you know that making sure your breasts are healthy is just as important as getting regular physicals and pap smears?

We offer the following from experienced radiographers:

  • mammograms
  • breast ultrasound services
  • screenings
  • stereotactic biopsy

Our board-certified and fellowship-trained breast imaging radiologists and physicians interpret your screening results.

3D Mammogram

Farmington Health Center offers 3D mammography (also called breast tomosynthesis) for both screening and diagnostic mammograms. Like standard mammography, it uses X-rays to take images of the breast at multiple angles. The exam takes the same amount of time as the regular two-dimensional screening mammogram. Women also still need breast compression.

Your doctor can perform a 3D mammogram as a part of your standard screening mammogram, which is the only exam that decreases a woman’s chances of dying from breast cancer. Your doctor can also perform 3D mammograms as part of your diagnostic mammography evaluation if you have breast symptoms.

3D Mammogram Benefits

There are many benefits of getting a 3D mammogram. Benefits include the following:

  • 3D mammograms provide your radiologist interpreting your exam with additional information.
  • 3D mammograms increase breast cancer detection by approximately 30 percent, especially for invasive breast cancer and particularly for women who have dense breast tissue.
  • 3D mammograms decrease your chances of being called back for an abnormal screening mammogram.
  • 3D mammograms use the same radiation dose as a standard mammogram with FDA-approved computer processing techniques.

Most insurance companies also pay for 3D mammograms.

Mammogram Screening Guidelines

Despite recent controversy regarding screening guidelines, at University of Utah Health, we continue to recommend annual screening mammograms for average risk women starting at the age of 40.

Based on accepted long-standing research, mammograms have been shown to decrease the chance of dying from breast cancer in women 40–74 years of age, with the most lives saved in women between 40-49 years of age.

Screening recommendations may be different for women at higher than average risk of breast cancer.

Stereotactic Biopsy

Radiologists and doctors use stereotactic biopsies as one tool to catch breast cancer early.

Stereotactic biopsies use computers and imaging technology to help radiologists find and remove tissue inside your breast and check for markers that may be an early sign of breast cancer.

Where Are We Located Inside Farmington Health Center?

Our mammography clinic is located on the first floor on the southwest side of the building. When you arrive at our clinic, our staff will help guide you where to go.

To make your appointment more convenient, we also offer:

  • free wifi, and
  • furniture with electrical outlets so you can charge your devices. 

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Complimentary Services & Resources

To make your appointment more convenient, we also offer:

  • free Wi-Fi,
  • an on-site pharmacy,
  • free child care during your appointment, and
  • a comfortable lobby with electrical outlets in the furniture so you can charge your device.


Unfortunately our child care services are closed at this time. Our goal is to keep you healthy and safe. Thank you for your understanding.

Child care issues should never prevent you from getting to the doctor and getting the health care you need. We offer free child care for patients during their appointment.

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