Hotel Options Close to University of Utah Hospital

University of Utah Health has relationships with many hotels in the area. We have toured the facilities and met the staff to make sure that your needs as our patients and visitors are met. We recommend these facilities because of their high quality of hospitality. We know that you will have a pleasant and comfortable stay.


Recommended Housing List

Because we are located close to downtown Salt Lake City, there are many lodging options for patients, friends, and family members visiting University of Utah Hospital from out of the area. The Customer Service Department provides this recommended list of hotels and other lodging* as a resource for visitors. 

Scheduling Assistance

The hospital's accommodations concierges are located at University of Utah Hospital’s information desk in the front lobby. You can contact them to:

  • discuss lodging options,
  • assist with reservations, and
  • answer any other questions or concerns you may have.

Hospital Concierges

Our patient services representatives are available 24/7.

Call 801-587-8230

Email at

*Please note, this is not a complete list of all hotels in the Salt Lake area. Other hotels not on this list may also offer a medical rate.