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Circumcision & Frenulotomy

Although many men were circumcised as children, some men desire circumcision as adults, either for cosmetic reasons or because of certain health conditions (infections or stuck foreskin: phimosis). A variation of circumcision is when a patient has a tight frenulum (the tissue between the head of the penis and the underside of the penis). This may cause pain or bending during erection. Circumcision or frenulotomy are precise plastic surgery procedures. The reconstructive urologists at University Health Care will help you determine what treatment is best for you.

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How the procedure is performed

Typically, a newborn circumcision is done using a clamp device. With a teenager or adult, a much more precise surgical procedure is required to get a good cosmetic outcome. For either circumcision or frenulotomy (also known as a frenulectomy), the procedure can be performed under a good local anesthetic or the patient may elect a general anesthetic. Both procedures are done as outpatient. A special dressing is left on for several days and then is removed, either at home or in the office.

Some men are concerned about the cosmetics and sensation of the penis after circumcision. There are vocal groups that consider circumcision to be a barbaric practice. While it is certainly true that the penis looks and feels differently after a circumcision, patient choice and the treatment of painful and harmful conditions of the foreskin are the most important. Most studies do not show worsening of sensation or sexual pleasure after circumcision. Additionally, circumcision does not shorten the penis. If a patient has unsightly scarring from a previous circumcision, these can also be repaired successfully.

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