LenSX Laser—The Most Advanced Treatment Option for Cataracts

Considering customized cataract treatment options? The Moran Eye Center is now offering the most advanced laser surgery available with the ALCON® LenSx® Laser. When you choose the LenSx Laser, you will enjoy the benefits of:

  • a bladeless, computer-controlled advanced procedure,
  • a comfortable, relaxed setting, and
  • a truly premium surgical experience.

A Custom Tailored Solution for Your Eyes

While all human eyes share the same basic anatomical structure, every eye is just a bit different in terms of size, depth, curvature of the cornea and other key features. Because of this, every eye must be carefully measured and mapped before cataract surgery.

While these measurements are routinely performed prior to surgery, the LenSx Laser uses a range of highly advanced technologies—including integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT)—to capture incredibly precise, high-resolution images of your eyes.

These images, and the measurements and data they provide, are used to plan and perform a surgery to more precise specifications that more traditional technology can't measure.

Added Computer Control for Customized Procedure

The LenSx Laser adds computer control to key steps of the cataract surgery. Its unique software control system analyzes high-resolution OCT images of your eye, helps your surgeon to design a customized procedure, and then visualizes and performs the procedure on command from the surgeon.

To further enhance accuracy, a patient interface connects your eye to the image-guided surgical unit so that both the LenSx Laser computer and the surgeon using it have precise, real-time images at all times during the laser procedure.

For more information or to schedule a consult with a surgeon specializing in LenSx Laser surgery, call 801-581-2352 or toll free 877-248-6374.