Dr. Kathleen Digre Discussing Idopathic Intercranial Hypertension

Jan 18, 2012 1:00 AM

Kathleen Digre

In early November, Dr. Kathleen Digre discussed recent advancements and causes of Idopahtic Intercranial Hypertenstion. You can view her presentation by watching the videos below.

About Kathleen Digre, MD

Kathleen B. Digre specializes in neuro-ophthalmology. She evaluates and treats complex visual complaints which can be due to optic nerve or brain disease. Her interests include gender differences in neuro-ophthalmic disorders, pseudotumor cerebri, ischemic optic neuropathy, temporal arteritis, papilledema, episodic vision loss, headaches and eye pain, diplopia and Graves' Disease. She has worked with NANOS and the University Eccles Library to develop a Neuro-ophthalmology virtual educational library (NOVEL).