During, Before, & After Your Eye Surgery

To help you prepare for eye surgery, we’ve created this list of guidelines. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more questions about your procedure.

A Few Days Before Your Surgery


  • Talk to your eye surgeon regarding any blood thinner medication you are taking. You may need to stop it before surgery.
  • Arrange for someone to stay with you for 24 hours after your surgery.

ALL PATIENTS MUST BE ESCORTED HOME BY A RESPONSIBLE ADULT. Your surgery will be rescheduled if you do not have someone to drive and accompany you home.

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The Night Before Your Surgery


  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight. This includes gum, mints, tobacco, and water.

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The Day of Your Surgery

Checklist: What to Bring – IMPORTANT

  • Bring your picture ID; current medical cards; insurance information; and a list of all current medications, dosage amounts, and time of day you take them.
  • Bring a check, cash, or credit card to buy your medications at the pharmacy and to pay your possible copay.
  • Bring a responsible adult with you to escort you home. You will be unable to drive the day of your surgery.

Please limit the number of people accompanying you to one or two people.

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What Medications to Take


  • Take your morning heart, blood pressure, and pain medications with a sip of water. Some blood pressure medications MAY NOT be taken.
DO NOT take your short-acting insulin or oral diabetic medications if you are diabetic. You may take half of your long-acting insulin.

DO NOT take insulin that is a combination of long- and short-acting. Our nurses will test your blood sugars as you arrive.

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What to Wear

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing. You will be changing into a gown.
  • DO NOT wear any eye makeup or dark colored nail polish.
  • Leave all jewelry and valuables at home. The Moran Eye Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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The Day After Your Surgery

Plan to see your eye surgeon the day after surgery. You will be told your appointment time after your surgery.


Contact the Surgery Center at 801-585-6535.

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You will receive one bill, which includes the following:

  • A professional fee from your eye surgeon,
  • The University of Utah Hospital bill for operating room, medications, and lab fees,
  • A fee for your anesthesia, and
  • A possible pathology fee as required by law. This charge will be billed under the names of Randall Olso, MD, and Nick Mamalis, MD.


If you have any questions about these charges or would like more information regarding our billing policies, please call our billing representatives at 801-587-6303.

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