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Community Outreach in Utah

Ophthalmologists and other staff at the John A. Moran Eye Center donate their services and are contributing to community outreach programs in the following local communities in Utah: American Fork, Blanding, Moab, Ogden, Orem, Provo, Salt Lake City, St George Tooele, Vernal.

In addition to performing charitable services in programs located in these local cities, Moran Eye Center nurses, technicians, and physicians perform more than 20,000 free vision screenings each year.

Partnership with 4th Street Homeless Clinic

We offer service at three ophthalmology clinics in Utah for those of low socioeconomic background. One clinic is a resident run clinic, under the direction of Moran physicians. This monthly clinic is in partnership with the 4th Street Homeless Clinic in Salt Lake City which annually serves more than 5,700 homeless a year.

Through grant support the clinic is able to provide comprehensive ophthalmic care and procedures through the Moran Eye Center. Also, being the only major academic ophthalmology center for the Mountain west, the Moran residents have been able to utilize their connections and resources to provide additional care that 4th Street had not had in the past.

The People we Help

One of our patients at the 4th Street Clinic spent the last five years of his life with only a clear plastic conformer in his left eyes from years of multiple traumas. The loss of his eye and his appearance ultimatley led to the patient losing his job and becoming homeless. Moran residents worked with our specialist to him a new prosthesis. As a result the patient restored his self confidence and was able to seek employment.

People's Health Clinic

The People's Health Clinic is located in Park City, Utah, and is a monthly ophthalmology clinic providing eye care and surgical procedures to patients at a very low cost or no cost to qualified patients.

Native American Reservation

Plans are currently being finalized for a Native American reservation monthly eye clinic (located in the Four Corners Region of the Southwest), where residents and faculty will fly down and be able to provide much needed eye care services.

Research and Community Eye Care

Finally, research with certain faculty members frequently involves free eye exams at local churches. These exams include advocacy for regular eye care and education on issues related to their pathology.