The first step in the donation process is connecting with the family, even when a potential donor has already said “yes” to organ, tissue, and eye donation through the Donate Life registry. Our caring staff contacts families to inform them of their loved one’s wishes and to provide them with information to make an informed decision about eye and cornea donation.

Not only do we want to make sure that the tissue will be safe for transplant recipients, we also want to make certain every family has the option to give the gift of sight.

Recovering Cornea Tissue

Our eye bank specialists recover cornea and eye tissue from donors in a timely and respectful manner. Our eye bank specialists work very hard to maintain the normal appearance of one’s loved one. We do everything we can to ensure that the selfless act of donation will not interfere with a donor’s funeral wishes in any way.

Once the cornea tissue is evaluated, it is sent to surgeons both domestically and internationally to be placed in a grateful recipient to restore their sight.

How Can My Loved One’s Donated Tissue Help Others?

Donated corneas can completely change someone’s life by allowing them to once again regain the gift of sight. Through cornea donation, recipients of cornea transplants can enjoy everyday activities like reading a book, driving a car, or seeing a loved one smile.

Donated whole globes (used for research) will impact millions of lives in the continued fight against eye diseases. The Utah Lions Eye Bank works with many labs throughout the John A. Moran Eye Center Research including: Ambati Laboratory, Deangelis Laboratory, Hageman Laboratory, David Krizaj Laboratory. Visit the ophthalmology research page for more information. The Utah Lions Eye Bank also works with researchers outside of the John A. Moran Eye Center. If you are interested in learning more please email us or call 801-213-2092.

Visit the Cornea & Eye Donation page to learn more about cornea and eye donations.