After a cornea transplant surgery, some discomfort is normal. But if you experience severe pain or have other concerns, please contact your ophthalmologist right away.

If you would like to share your gratitude with your donor family for their selfless gift by writing a letter, you can do so by visiting the Writing to Donor Family page. If you want to share how cornea donation and transplantation has changed your life please visit our Share your Story page.

What Will My Vision Be Like After Surgery?

You will have a final optical correction between four to six months after surgery.

After surgery, most patients are able to see fairly well with prescription glasses.

About 30 percent of patients will need contact lenses to see normally after a penetrating keratoplasty corneal transplant surgery.


Your eye surgeon will determine if you will need medications during your recovery.

Recovering Successfully from Surgery

Successful corneal transplantation requires a cooperative effort between your eye surgeon and you.

It is your doctor’s responsibility to keep you well-educated and catch any problems early before they may threaten to harm your eyesight.

It is your responsibility to follow the doctor’s instruction carefully. Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions about medication and make any return trips to your doctor’s office on time.