Talking Stroke with Jennifer Majersik, M.D.

Talking Stroke with Jennifer Majersik, M.D.

Jennifer Majersik, M.D. talks About Stroke on Good Things Utah

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In medically underserved areas, limited support of stroke experience is a significant obstacle to rapid diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients. Using real-time videoconferencing and teleradiology, the University of Utah Telestroke Program provides 24-hour on-call neurologists to community hospitals to aid in prompt diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients. The Telestroke Program overcomes geographic and transportation barriers with reliable technology that allows immediate access to stroke experts who can provide consultation. Learn more about telemedicine at University of Utah Health Care.

Our Telestroke Sites:

  1. Davis Hospital & Medical Center - Layton, UT
  2. Pioneer Valley Hospital - West Valley, UT
  3. Mountain West Medical Center - Tooele, UT
  4. Jordan Valley Medical Center - West Jordan, UT
  5. South Jordan Health Center - South Jordan, UT
  6. Timpanogos Regional Hospital - Orem, UT
  7. Uintah Basin Medical Center - Vernal, UT
  8. Central Valley Medical Center - Nephi, UT
  9. Gunnison Valley Hospital - Gunnison, UT
  10. Moab Regional Hospital - Moab, UT
  11. Beaver Valley Hospital - Beaver, UT
  12. San Juan Hospital - Monticello, UT
  13. William B Ririe Hospital - Ely, NV
  14. St. John's Hospital - Jackson, WY

For more information:

(801) 585-1586

Clinical Trials

    Keywords: Acute Ischemic Stroke, Glucose Management, GlucoStabalizer
    Status: Recruiting
  • Dysport LowerLimb-Double Blind (140)
    Keywords: Spasticity, Stroke, TBI
    Status: Recruiting
  • Dysport UpperLimb-DoubleBlind (145)
    Keywords: spasticy, stroke, TBI
    Status: Recruiting
    Keywords: Coumadin, Hemorrhegic Stroke, Genetic analysis, Control
    Status: Active, not recruiting
  • Memantine for Enhanced Stroke Recovery
    Keywords: Stroke, Memantine, Motor Recovery, Rehabilitation
    Status: Active, not recruiting
  • IRIS
    Keywords: Ischemic Stroke, Insulin Resistnace, Thiazolidinedione, placebo
    Status: Active, not recruiting
  • Advancing Telestroke Care
    Keywords: Ischemic Stroke, Outcome, Telemedicine, Control
    Status: Active, not recruiting
    Keywords: Intraventricular hemorrhage, Intracerebral hemorrhage, placebo, tPA, Extraventricular, Hemorrhegic Stroke
    Status: Recruiting
  • Sildenafil and Stroke
    Keywords: stroke, rehabilitation, motor skills, sildenafil
    Status: Not yet recruiting
  • Gablofen 3mg/mL
    Keywords: ITB Pump, Muscle Spasticity
    Status: Completed
  • Athersys B01-02
    Keywords: Acute Ischemic Stroke, MultiStem
    Status: Not yet recruiting