Awards & Recognition

Name: Date
Utah Poison Control Center Receives National Award 10-30-2017
APhA Students Receive Regional Awards 10-30-2017
Congratulations to Kali Dale! 10-25-2017
Dr. Dipayan Chaudhuri to Receive Award from Gilead Sciences 10-17-2017
Model Magic: Using 3D to Visualize Complex Surgeries 10-16-2017
DBMI Students Awarded 2017 Helmuth F. Orthner Travel Assistance Scholarship 10-12-2017
A Summit of Great Minds Explores the Future of Imaging Science Research 10-11-2017
DBMI Alumni inducted as Fellows of ACMI 10-10-2017
New Faculty - July, August, September 2017 10-10-2017
Young Athlete Returns to the Field 10-5-2017
Physician Assistant Education Association Future Educator Fellow 10-2-2017
You Han Bae Receives 4-year NIH R01 Research Grant for Oral Gene Delivery System 9-28-2017
Newborn Screening Leaders Honored by APHL 9-27-2017
Mei Koh Awarded $1.7M Grant for Kidney Cancer Research 9-26-2017
Donald E. Kohan, MD, PhD received the 2017 Donald R. Seldin Award 9-25-2017
Adult Reconstruction Fellowship Receives OMeGA Medical Grant 9-20-2017
New Division Administrator for Geriatrics 9-14-2017
Inclusive Excellence Awards 9-14-2017
Meet Wylie Foss: the First Perseon Scholar in Interventional Radiology 9-12-2017
University of Utah Health is Qualified as a Provider-Led Entity to Develop Guidelines for Imaging 9-11-2017
When a Routine Knee Replacement is Anything but Routine 9-8-2017
James Augustus McCloskey, Jr, died August 30, 2017 9-4-2017
Welcome Deepika Sirohi 9-1-2017
2017 Leadership in Inclusive Excellence 8-30-2017
Welcome Ryan Metcalf 8-29-2017
Welcome Omar Muñoz 8-29-2017
Welcome Joshua F. Coleman 8-27-2017
Stanley Huff, MD among 25 leading Chief Medical Information Officers 8-24-2017
Dean Randy Peterson's Zebrafish and Opioid Addiction 8-24-2017
Blake Alston joins Administrative Team 8-24-2017
Holly Gurgle Elected as Chair-Elect for ACCP PRN 8-23-2017
Recognizing Newly Tenured and Emeritus Faulty 8-17-2017
Dr. Eleazer appointed Associate Chair 8-17-2017
Inventing the N-Localizer for Stereotactic Neurosurgery: the Story of a Young Researcher in Radiology and Imaging Sciences 8-10-2017
Darla Rogers and the Mighty Y-90 8-10-2017
Sherman S. Coleman Presentation: A family history and the journey of forming the University of Utah Orthopaedic program 8-8-2017
Lamb Lab Student receives FASEB-MARC Award 8-8-2017
Ken Kawamoto, PhD Named to National Committee to Improve Health Information Technology 8-7-2017
Remembering and Honoring Robert W. Metcalf, M.D. 8-3-2017
Dana Carroll quoted in three media sources 8-2-2017
Daniel Witt Announced as New Pharmacotherapy Department Chair 8-1-2017
Welcome Kristin Karner 8-1-2017
Skaggs Research Fellowship Recipients 7-24-2017
Julio Facelli, PhD selected as Chair for a Senate Committee 7-20-2017
Dr. Prchal receives medal from American Society of Hematology 7-19-2017
New Faculty - April, May, June 2017 7-19-2017
Dr. Carol S. Lim selected as one of the top THREE "Selected Highly Authors" of Molecular Pharmaceutics 7-17-2017
Dr. Paine discusses study linking more deaths to air pollution 7-13-2017
Deborah Yurgelun-Todd, PhD Announced as New Director of Neuroscience Initiative 7-7-2017
Welcome New APC Directors 7-5-2017
Judging Jazz Joints – The Indispensable Sports Medicine MRI 7-5-2017
Drawing Strength From Diversity 7-3-2017
How a Quicker, More Complete MRI Scan Could Help Diagnose Heart Disease 7-1-2017
Dr. Ghandehari was awarded a NIH STTR Phase II grant in collaboration with a local company 6-27-2017
A pilot grant from the Huntsman Cancer Institute's Upper AeroDigestive Tract Cancers Disease Oriented Research awarded Dr. Jeremiah Alt, Dr. Hamid Ghandehari, and Dr. Abigail Pulsipher 6-27-2017
Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah Selected to Join National Cancer Institute’s Systems Biology Consortium 6-27-2017
Asians are fastest-growing racial group in increasingly diverse Utah 6-23-2017
Dr. Ray Price addresses the Mexican Senate 6-13-2017
Guest Speaker from University for Development Studies in Tamale, Ghana Dr. Frank Abantanga 6-13-2017
2017 Residency Awards 6-8-2017
Sun Jin Kim Receives Fox Award 6-7-2017
Peng Zhao Granted Graduate Research Fellowship 6-7-2017
Carol Lim Received HCI CRR Grant for $30,000 6-7-2017
Jindrich Kopecek Received HCI Experimental Therapeutics Program Grant 6-7-2017
Five Biomedical Informatics Alumni Elected as Inaugural Fellows 6-6-2017
Joseph Plasek, PhD Candidate Research Featured in NY Times 6-1-2017
Elliott receives Distinguished Achievement Award 6-1-2017
Vincent Koppelmans, PhD, Joins Department of Psychiatry Faculty 6-1-2017
Surgery with Sound: Star Trek Medicine for Breast Tumors 5-22-2017
Radiology Chair Bridges the Global Alzheimer’s Knowledge Gap 5-22-2017
First Grant Writing Class Cohort Completes Course 5-17-2017
Katherine Sward, PhD, RN Katherine Sward, PhD Fellow Induction 5-16-2017
Department Symposium, May 13, 2017 5-14-2017
Dana Carroll makes 3: Biochemistry’s newest National Academy member 5-10-2017
Reed Gardner Award goes to Kathy Sward, PhD, RN 5-5-2017
Library Spotlight: Eccles Health Sciences Library 5-4-2017
Wes Sundquist Awarded the U’S Highest Honor 5-4-2017
Jonathan Birnkrant, MD, Joins Department of Psychiatry Faculty 5-3-2017
Granger and Kithas to Receive School of Medicine Awards 5-3-2017
Utah Radiology Department Swarms ISMRM 2017 5-1-2017
Michael Kay earns Distinguished Mentor Award 5-1-2017
Barry Stults receives Paul Southwick Award 4-27-2017
Jingran Wen, PhD Receives Award for Distinguished Poster 4-23-2017
Thomas Reese, PharmD Accepted Onto Student Editorial Board 4-20-2017
Lillian Khor, MD 4-20-2017
Julio Facelli , PhD Fellow Induction 4-18-2017
Eric Schmidt to Recieve AACP's Prestigious Dawson Award 4-17-2017
Carol Lim Awarded 2017 College of Pharmacy Outstanding Teacher of the Year 4-17-2017
Kristen Keefe Receives U of U Distinguished Teaching Award 4-17-2017
Margo Haygood Lab Discover Giant Shipworm 4-17-2017
Erica Larson Receives 2017 Wolf Prize 4-17-2017
Dave Young to Speak at the Cystic Fibrosis Center in London 4-17-2017
ADD Program Awarded $19.5M Contract Renewal 4-17-2017
Elevating Others: A New Endowed Chairholder in Radiology and Imaging Sciences 4-17-2017
Brian E. Chapman, PhD Outstanding Educator 4-12-2017
Mountaineer Conrad Anker, a CoH graduate to deliver commencement address 4-10-2017
2017 Leadership in Inclusive Excellence Awards 4-10-2017
CSD undergraduate wins Fulbright scholarship 4-9-2017
Breast Cancer Screening with Immediate Results 4-7-2017
AMIA Spotlight: Catherine Staes, BSN, MPH, PhD 4-6-2017
Peggy Battin receives Gardner Award 4-5-2017
Ana María López, MD 4-5-2017
Welcome Aaron Bell 4-5-2017
Getting a Better Grip on the Spectrum 4-5-2017
Laura Shane-McWhorter Receives Outstanding Educator Award 4-5-2017
Outstanding Educator Award of Health Science Professional Students 4-5-2017
Bernard LaSalle Keynote Speaker at AMIA 3-28-2017
Next Gen Innovator Award 3-27-2017
Guy Zimmerman, MD 3-23-2017
Timothy Farrell, MD 3-23-2017
Emergency Medicine Training in Vietnam 3-17-2017
Colon Cancer Awareness Month 3-9-2017
Transplant Rankings 2-22-2017
Sarah Franklin - 40 Under 40 2-22-2017
MRI-Guided Prostate Biopsy 2-3-2017
Inversion Can Make It Harder to Fight Illness 2-1-2017
Can Exercise Solve PAD? A High-Tech MRI Approach to Finding the Answer 1-31-2017
Getting Serious about Radiology Costs 1-31-2017
Nature Highlights Dr. Korenberg and Colleagues 1-26-2017
Remembering Charles Castle, MD 1-25-2017
Enabling an Air Quality Exposome 1-24-2017
Bob Pendleton, MD 1-20-2017
Congratulations Kary Woodruff 1-20-2017
Winds of Change at WHO by Juan Carlos Negrette 1-20-2017
Extreme Affordability 1-13-2017
Air quality affects your health 1-12-2017
Janet Iwasa Selected as TED Senior Fellow 1-10-2017
Amy Barrios 2016 Presidential Scholar Recipient 1-9-2017
Welcome to Internal Medicine 11-28-2016
Michael Rubin Appointed Associate Chair 11-22-2016
Blog by Matthew Fuller, MD 11-1-2016
New laparoscopic device used in surgery in Mongolia 10-1-2016
Timothy Farrell, MD 9-30-2016
Welcome to Internal Medicine 9-1-2016
Top Ranking in Hospital Compare Survey 8-15-2016
Tianxin Yang, MD 8-8-2016
U. hospital cutting wasteful testing 8-8-2016
Frederick Welt, MD 7-29-2016
Benjamin Steinberg, MD 7-29-2016
Adam Spivak Receives Prestigous Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Award 7-21-2016
Roger Freedman, MD 7-18-2016
Theresa Werner, MD received 2016 Cancer Clinical Investigator Team Leadership Award 7-13-2016
U names new vice president for research 7-11-2016
UUHC Kidney and Liver Transplants have Excellent Outcomes 6-24-2016
Neuroscience Initiative seed grant awarded to Dr. Cannon-Albright 6-22-2016
Welcome to General Internal Medicine 6-16-2016
Resident Award recipients 6-9-2016
Rob Ence named as executive director of the Utah Commission on Aging 6-3-2016
Transforming Health Workforce Education 5-26-2016
Adam Cohen 5-17-2016
B2B Competition Night Slideshow 5-11-2016
Dev Abraham, MD, to receive teaching award 4-29-2016
2017-18 Chief Medical Residents 4-1-2016
Rashmee Shah interviewed on Good4Utah 3-17-2016
Grand Rounds Celebrates the Career of Outgoing Department of Internal Medicine Chair John Hoidal, M.D. 3-4-2016
Jessica Walsh receives Young Investigator Award 2-26-2016
UUHC Doctors perform their first living donor liver transplant 2-19-2016
Visiting Speaker Steven J. Thompson, MBA 1-29-2016
Kristen Ries, MD, and Maggie Snyder, PA-C’s HIV/AIDS Clinic at the University of Utah subject of Sundance Documentary - U of U School of Medicine 1-11-2016