Awards & Recognition

Name: Date
Burr Honored for Contributions to Clinical Research 5-15-2018
2018 Walk to Cure Arthritis 5-15-2018
Class of 2018 Convocation 5-9-2018
CompHealth Clinical Community Faculty Award. 5-9-2018
Eveline Bruenger Obituary 5-8-2018
University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics Named to the List of “100 Great Hospitals in America” 5-7-2018
“Does Sex Matter”: A “New Frontier” for Healthcare 5-7-2018
Kathleen Cooney, MD Recognized by the American College of Physicians (ACP) 5-5-2018
"The Complex Puzzle of Homelessness Among Veterans" 5-3-2018
New Faculty - October, November, December 2017, and January 2018 5-2-2018
University of Utah Health Ranked #35 in the Nation by Forbes as “America’s Best Employer” 5-1-2018
Class of 2018 Senior Banquet 5-1-2018
New Research Grants - May 2018 5-1-2018
Janet Iwasa animates the life cycle of HIV in this hypnotic video 4-30-2018
2017-2018 Student Yearbook 4-27-2018
Dr. Jiyuan Yang and Colleagues are Given Research Paper Award 4-25-2018
University of Utah Health Receives Workplace of the Year Award from Advisory Board 4-25-2018
Jessica McCombs Wins 2018 Fox Award 4-24-2018
Gissen Recognized for Impressive Contributions in Medical School Planning 4-23-2018
Eveline Bruenger 4-23-2018
College of Pharmacy Hosts Hall Party 4-23-2018
HBI Business Model Innovation Award 4-20-2018
2018 Run For Your Life 5k & Community Health Fair 4-20-2018
2018 Bench-to-Bedside Awards Grand Prize to Real-time Fertility Device 4-19-2018
2018 Bench-to-Bedside Awards Grand Prize to Real-time Fertility Device 4-19-2018
Angelo P. Giardino, MD, PhD appointed Chair, Department of Pediatrics 4-19-2018
In Memoriam: Webster S.S. Jee, Ph.D. 4-18-2018
Clearing Up the Picture of Atrial Fibrillation 4-18-2018
National Kidney Foundation Honors Utah Doctor for Community Service 4-18-2018
The Force is With Us: Reviewing the Power of our Latest CT Scanner 4-17-2018
Pharmacy Student Young Hong Wins Big at Bench to Bedside Competition 4-12-2018
Safe Space/Brave Space 4-11-2018
Graduate Student Fellowships and Scholarships Awarded for 2018-19 4-10-2018
C. Gregory Elliott, MD Honored with Legacy of Life Award 4-10-2018
Dorota Lebiedz-Odrobina, MD Recognized by the Arthritis Foundation 4-10-2018
Guest Speaker Louise Aronson, MD, MFA, Presented At The Gerald Rothstein, MD Endowed Lectureship 4-9-2018
DBMI Research Team Develops Interactive Online Diabetes Simulation 4-6-2018
Zachary Barber Receives 2018 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Researcher Award 4-5-2018
Dr. Cheng receiving an award for her tenure as president at the annual RMA conference 4-5-2018
Robert M Silver, MD, to Head Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology 4-4-2018
New Research Grants - April 2018 4-3-2018
Head and Neck Conference Serves as Impromptu Alumni Reunion 3-30-2018
Anne Gibson Receives Renewal of AFPE Pre-Doctoral Fellowship 3-29-2018
Physician Assistant Division continues its long term collaboration with Nepal 3-27-2018
Why are Jack & Greg more likely to become department chair than Jill or Jamal? 3-23-2018
New Free Clinic in SLC Provides Preventive HIV Care 3-22-2018
APhA recognizes Dr. Holly Gurgle as 2018 Immunization Champion 3-21-2018
Women's World Café 3-21-2018
Graduate Student Wilson Pace Aids In Drafting Contraceptive Bill 3-20-2018
Newborn Screening Leaders Honored by APHL 3-20-2018
Dr. David Young Receives The Love To Breathe Award 3-16-2018
Dr. Randall Peterson Speaks at Roseman University Research Symposium 3-15-2018
XENOSPEC: Making the Detection of Cervical Cancer Easier 3-14-2018
2018 College of Pharmacy Gala 3-13-2018
Legislators approved the supplemental appropriations request for the Utah Poison Control Center 3-9-2018
Academic Excellence Seed Grant Awardees - March 2018 3-7-2018
New Research Grants - March 2018 3-5-2018
Wallace selected to participate in the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 3-2-2018
IABtalks a Complete Success 3-1-2018
Congratulations to You Han Bae for being appointed as a Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2-28-2018
From Olympic Track to Critical Care Physician – It’s All About Teamwork 2-22-2018
Taylor Endowment Research Award 2-22-2018
New Research Grants - February 2018 2-21-2018
Meet One of the Only Americans Still Allowed to Visit Sensitive Russian Sites 2-20-2018
Global Imaging Outreach – When Trainees become Teachers 2-20-2018
A Leader in Health IT, Dr. John Nebeker Receives Two Awards 2-15-2018
How the Burn Trauma ICU Eliminated Central Line Infections 2-8-2018
Olympian Alex Wubbels: From Childhood Wish to Reality 2-7-2018
Cascading Inflammation Associated with Lyme Arthritis Linked to Overactive Immune Response 2-7-2018
New Department Chair History Wall 2-7-2018
John Ryan, MD Elected to the School of Medicine Curriculum Committee 2-7-2018
Bill Gates makes the business case for breakthroughs in global health 1-31-2018
Utah Cardiac Recovery Symposium Convenes: Exploring New Treatments and Evaluating Outcomes for Heart Recovery 1-30-2018
The Curbsiders: #80: Pulmonary Hypertension, freeways, and cows in heart failure 1-30-2018
Utah's AIDS crisis, then and now: From one doctor in the 1980s to the U.'s new free clinic 1-30-2018
University of Utah Orthopaedic Center Receives Distinquished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence 1-23-2018
Informatics MS Student Selected as Finalist at AMIA Summit 1-23-2018
Reflections on SACNAS 2017 1-22-2018
DBMI PhD candidate selected to assist Dr. Altman in preparing AMIA Year-In-Review Talk 1-19-2018
Newly Awarded III Seed Grant Projects Explore the Role of Immune System in Disease 1-19-2018
Newly Awarded III Seed Grant Projects Explore the Role of Immune System in Disease 1-19-2018
Academia’s Role In Healthcare Innovation 1-16-2018
Machine Learning in Medicine: A Faculty Conversation 1-15-2018
Advanced Visualization: Unbelievably Real 3D Projections are Here 1-15-2018
How Do Humans and Machines Perceive Radiologic Imaging Information? 1-15-2018
How a State Legislature, the Federal Government, and a Dental School Work Together to Provide Care 1-11-2018
Introducing the Immunology, Inflammation and Infectious Disease Initiative 1-10-2018
Quiet Heroes: Kristen Ries and Maggie Snyder's Legacy at Sundance 1-9-2018
New Research Grants - January 2018 1-2-2018
Announcing Extreme Affordability: West Africa 1-1-2018
Lynn Henry Elected to ASCO Committee 12-20-2017
VPCAT Scholar 2018-2019 12-14-2017
Phoebe Freer, MD, Named as Section Chief for Breast Imaging 12-14-2017
Want to Hire the Best? Train them First. 12-14-2017
RSNA 2017 Conference and Utah Reception 12-12-2017
$24 Million NIH Grant Funds HIV Research at U of U Health-Led CHEETAH Center 12-12-2017
University of Utah Receives $5.3 Million Gift from Larry H. and Gail Miller Family Foundation to Fight Diabetes 12-12-2017
U of U Health Professor Kurt Albertine Named AAAS Fellow 12-12-2017
Utah's dentist workforce 'overwhelmingly male', School of Dentistry invites balanced group for Class of 2022 12-11-2017
Vitae 2017: People and Stories That Drive Our Research 12-11-2017
DBMI Chair Presents at VITAE 2017 12-11-2017
2018 Vice President’s Clinical and Translational Research Scholars Announced 12-7-2017
Caring for Older Adults: Spotlight on Geriatrics 12-6-2017
Layers of Medicine - Artwork by Medical Students 12-5-2017
27 Top Cardiologists, Picked By Big Data 12-5-2017
27 Top Breast Cancer Oncologists, Picked By Big Data 12-5-2017
Marking World AIDS Day 12-1-2017
Marking World AIDS Day: U of U Health to Provide Free HIV-Prevention Meds and Counseling Starting January 12-1-2017
JAMIA Open Inaugural Associate Editors Announced 11-21-2017
Professor Jindrich Kopecek has been named the winner of the T. & A. Higuchi Memorial Lectureship Award 2018 11-21-2017
College of Nursing Receives American Association of College of Nursing’s (AACN) Inaugural “New Era Award" 11-21-2017
U of U Health Professor Kurt Albertine Named AAAS Fellow 11-20-2017
Vice President's Clinical & Translational Research Scholars Program and 2018 Scholars 11-20-2017
Recent Department Events 11-15-2017
2017 ASH Abstract Achievement Award 11-14-2017
University of Utah Receives $5.3 Million Gift from Larry H. and Gail Miller Family Foundation to Fight Diabetes 11-13-2017
Sara Reed to join the department from UC Davis in leadership role 11-8-2017
2017 Cystic Fibrosis Quality Care Award 11-7-2017
Speaking on Business: University of Utah Center for Medical Innovation 11-6-2017
University of Utah Receives $47.5 Million Gift from Craig H. Neilsen Foundation for New State-of-the-Art Rehabilitation Hospital 11-1-2017
Utah Poison Control Center Receives National Award 10-30-2017
APhA Students Receive Regional Awards 10-30-2017
Dr. Sergelen receives Honorary Fellowship 10-28-2017
Congratulations to Kali Dale! 10-25-2017
Care for the Smallest Patients Earns Carrie Byington a Spot in National Academy of Medicine 10-19-2017
$24 Million NIH Grant Funds HIV Research at U of U Health-Led CHEETAH Center 10-17-2017
Dr. Dipayan Chaudhuri to Receive Award from Gilead Sciences 10-17-2017
Making Sense of Doctor's Notes: Data-Mining Tools Earn U of U Health Biomedical Informaticist Wendy Chapman Spot in National Academy of Medicine 10-16-2017
Model Magic: Using 3D to Visualize Complex Surgeries 10-16-2017
David Turok awarded a five-year Mid-Career Investigator Award in Patient-Oriented Research 10-13-2017
Patricia Aguayo, MD, MPH, Joins Department of Psychiatry Faculty 10-13-2017
DBMI Students Awarded 2017 Helmuth F. Orthner Travel Assistance Scholarship 10-12-2017
A Summit of Great Minds Explores the Future of Imaging Science Research 10-11-2017
DBMI Alumni inducted as Fellows of ACMI 10-10-2017
New Faculty - July, August, September 2017 10-10-2017
Young Athlete Returns to the Field 10-5-2017
Physician Assistant Education Association Future Educator Fellow 10-2-2017
You Han Bae Receives 4-year NIH R01 Research Grant for Oral Gene Delivery System 9-28-2017
Newborn Screening Leaders Honored by APHL 9-27-2017
Mei Koh Awarded $1.7M Grant for Kidney Cancer Research 9-26-2017
Donald E. Kohan, MD, PhD received the 2017 Donald R. Seldin Award 9-25-2017
New Student Hotspotting Hub Aims at Improving Patient Care and Value 9-20-2017
Adult Reconstruction Fellowship Receives OMeGA Medical Grant 9-20-2017
U of U Health Top 10 in Quality for 8th Year in a Row 9-15-2017
New Division Administrator for Geriatrics 9-14-2017
Inclusive Excellence Awards 9-14-2017
Catherine Bledowski, MD, Jozef Bledowski, MD, and Javier Ballester Gonzalez, MD, Joins Department of Psychiatry Faculty 9-12-2017
Meet Wylie Foss: the First Perseon Scholar in Interventional Radiology 9-12-2017
University of Utah Announces a Transformational Gift for Oral Patient Care 9-11-2017
University of Utah Announces a Transformational Gift for Oral Patient Care 9-11-2017
University of Utah Health is Qualified as a Provider-Led Entity to Develop Guidelines for Imaging 9-11-2017
When a Routine Knee Replacement is Anything but Routine 9-8-2017
James Augustus McCloskey, Jr, died August 30, 2017 9-4-2017
2017 Leadership in Inclusive Excellence 8-30-2017
Stanley Huff, MD among 25 leading Chief Medical Information Officers 8-24-2017
Dean Randy Peterson's Zebrafish and Opioid Addiction 8-24-2017
Blake Alston joins Administrative Team 8-24-2017
Holly Gurgle Elected as Chair-Elect for ACCP PRN 8-23-2017
Recognizing Newly Tenured and Emeritus Faulty 8-17-2017
Dr. Eleazer appointed Associate Chair 8-17-2017
University of Utah Health Plans Prepares to Enter Its Third Year in the Marketplace; Will Expand Coverage to Every County in the State 8-15-2017
Troy Hoff, DO, PhD, Steven Sugden, MD, MPH, and Kristen Pagel, MD, MPH, Join Department of Psychiatry Faculty 8-14-2017
Inventing the N-Localizer for Stereotactic Neurosurgery: the Story of a Young Researcher in Radiology and Imaging Sciences 8-10-2017
Darla Rogers and the Mighty Y-90 8-10-2017
University of Utah Among Top 20 Institutions in the World for Innovation and Technology Transfer 8-9-2017
U.S. News and World Report Names University Of Utah Hospital Top In Utah; List Also Includes High National Rankings For Huntsman Cancer Institute And E.N.T. Specialty 8-8-2017
Sherman S. Coleman Presentation: A family history and the journey of forming the University of Utah Orthopaedic program 8-8-2017
Ken Kawamoto, PhD Named to National Committee to Improve Health Information Technology 8-7-2017
Kawamoto Named to National Committee to Improve Health Information Technology 8-7-2017
Remembering and Honoring Robert W. Metcalf, M.D. 8-3-2017
Dana Carroll quoted in three media sources 8-2-2017
Daniel Witt Announced as New Pharmacotherapy Department Chair 8-1-2017
Maryrose Bauschka, MD, and Shawn Kohler, MD, Join Department of Psychiatry Faculty 8-1-2017
Skaggs Research Fellowship Recipients 7-24-2017
Julio Facelli, PhD selected as Chair for a Senate Committee 7-20-2017
Dr. Prchal receives medal from American Society of Hematology 7-19-2017
New Faculty - April, May, June 2017 7-19-2017
Dr. Carol S. Lim selected as one of the top THREE "Selected Highly Authors" of Molecular Pharmaceutics 7-17-2017
American Association for Dental Research Profiles Olga J. Baker 7-13-2017
University of Utah Health Receives American Hospital Association’s ‘Most Wired’ Recognition 7-13-2017
Dr. Paine discusses study linking more deaths to air pollution 7-13-2017
Deborah Yurgelun-Todd, PhD Announced as New Director of Neuroscience Initiative 7-7-2017
Welcome New APC Directors 7-5-2017
Judging Jazz Joints – The Indispensable Sports Medicine MRI 7-5-2017
Drawing Strength From Diversity 7-3-2017
How a Quicker, More Complete MRI Scan Could Help Diagnose Heart Disease 7-1-2017
Dr. Ghandehari was awarded a NIH STTR Phase II grant in collaboration with a local company 6-27-2017
A pilot grant from the Huntsman Cancer Institute's Upper AeroDigestive Tract Cancers Disease Oriented Research awarded Dr. Jeremiah Alt, Dr. Hamid Ghandehari, and Dr. Abigail Pulsipher 6-27-2017
Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah Selected to Join National Cancer Institute’s Systems Biology Consortium 6-27-2017
Asians are fastest-growing racial group in increasingly diverse Utah 6-23-2017
From DNA to Decision-making: University of Utah Health Awarded $4 Million Toward a Comprehensive Look at Heart Birth Defects 6-22-2017
University of Utah Biochemist Erhu Cao Named Pew Scholar 6-15-2017
Dr. Ray Price addresses the Mexican Senate 6-13-2017
Guest Speaker from University for Development Studies in Tamale, Ghana Dr. Frank Abantanga 6-13-2017
Dr. Ray Price presents to Mexican Senate 6-13-2017
2017 Residency Awards 6-8-2017
Sun Jin Kim Receives Fox Award 6-7-2017
Peng Zhao Granted Graduate Research Fellowship 6-7-2017
Carol Lim Received HCI CRR Grant for $30,000 6-7-2017
Jindrich Kopecek Received HCI Experimental Therapeutics Program Grant 6-7-2017
Five Biomedical Informatics Alumni Elected as Inaugural Fellows 6-6-2017
Graduation Video of the Class of 2017 6-2-2017
Joseph Plasek, PhD Candidate Research Featured in NY Times 6-1-2017
Elliott receives Distinguished Achievement Award 6-1-2017
Vincent Koppelmans, PhD, Joins Department of Psychiatry Faculty 6-1-2017
Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah Selected to Join National Cancer Institute’s Systems Biology Consortium 5-30-2017
WHA Nations Vote for Stronger Surgical Systems Monitoring 5-30-2017
Historic Graduations for the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Utah 5-22-2017
Surgery with Sound: Star Trek Medicine for Breast Tumors 5-22-2017
Radiology Chair Bridges the Global Alzheimer’s Knowledge Gap 5-22-2017
U graduates its first class of future dentists 5-20-2017
U School of Dentistry Graduates First Class 5-18-2017
First Grant Writing Class Cohort Completes Course 5-17-2017
Katherine Sward, PhD, RN Katherine Sward, PhD Fellow Induction 5-16-2017
Department Symposium, May 13, 2017 5-14-2017
Dana Carroll makes 3: Biochemistry’s newest National Academy member 5-10-2017
University of Utah Health Honors Professors for Excellence 5-9-2017
University of Utah Center for Medical Innovation's Bench to Bedside Program Completes 7th Year with Presentation of 39 New Medical Technologies 5-5-2017
Reed Gardner Award goes to Kathy Sward, PhD, RN 5-5-2017
University of Utah Dental Students Offer Free Screenings to Underserved Children 5-5-2017
Utah Governor Awards "Doctor of the Year" to Dr. Ray Price 5-5-2017
New Book! Springer Publishes "Global Surgery: the Essentials" 5-5-2017
Library Spotlight: Eccles Health Sciences Library 5-4-2017
Wes Sundquist Awarded the U’S Highest Honor 5-4-2017
Jonathan Birnkrant, MD, Joins Department of Psychiatry Faculty 5-3-2017
Granger and Kithas to Receive School of Medicine Awards 5-3-2017
A. Lorris Betz Tapped as Interim Leader of University of Utah Health 5-3-2017
University of Utah Biochemist Dana Carroll Elected to National Academy of Sciences 5-2-2017
Meet the Graduates: Class of 2017 5-1-2017
Utah Radiology Department Swarms ISMRM 2017 5-1-2017
Michael Kay earns Distinguished Mentor Award 5-1-2017
U. tops nation for tech startups, innovations 4-29-2017
Barry Stults receives Paul Southwick Award 4-27-2017
University of Utah ranked No. 1 in Milken Institute report for Technology Patents, Licenses and Start-Ups 4-25-2017
School of Dentistry Graduates Its First-Ever Class 4-24-2017
Jingran Wen, PhD Receives Award for Distinguished Poster 4-23-2017
Thomas Reese, PharmD Accepted Onto Student Editorial Board 4-20-2017
Lillian Khor, MD 4-20-2017
Julio Facelli , PhD Fellow Induction 4-18-2017
Eric Schmidt to Recieve AACP's Prestigious Dawson Award 4-17-2017
Carol Lim Awarded 2017 College of Pharmacy Outstanding Teacher of the Year 4-17-2017
Kristen Keefe Receives U of U Distinguished Teaching Award 4-17-2017
Margo Haygood Lab Discover Giant Shipworm 4-17-2017
Erica Larson Receives 2017 Wolf Prize 4-17-2017
Dave Young to Speak at the Cystic Fibrosis Center in London 4-17-2017
ADD Program Awarded $19.5M Contract Renewal 4-17-2017
Elevating Others: A New Endowed Chairholder in Radiology and Imaging Sciences 4-17-2017
Brian E. Chapman, PhD Outstanding Educator 4-12-2017
Three University of Utah Professors Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences 4-12-2017
2017 Leadership in Inclusive Excellence Awards 4-10-2017
Breast Cancer Screening with Immediate Results 4-7-2017
Ana María López, MD, MPH, FACP, Named President-Elect of National Doctors’ Group 4-6-2017
Becker's Hospital Review Names University of Utah Hospital to its list of 100 Great Hospitals in America 4-6-2017
AMIA Spotlight: Catherine Staes, BSN, MPH, PhD 4-6-2017
Peggy Battin receives Gardner Award 4-5-2017
Ana María López, MD 4-5-2017
Welcome Aaron Bell 4-5-2017
Getting a Better Grip on the Spectrum 4-5-2017
Laura Shane-McWhorter Receives Outstanding Educator Award 4-5-2017
Outstanding Educator Award of Health Science Professional Students 4-5-2017
University of Utah Health to Provide Care to USOC Speed Skating Athletes at Newly-Opened High Performance Center 4-4-2017
Cardiac Cath Cam Crowned Champion of B2B 2017, 13 Others Win Funds to Advance Projects 4-4-2017
Pushing New Frontiers: U Awarded $2.5 Million to Visualize Life's Building Blocks 4-4-2017
Bernard LaSalle Keynote Speaker at AMIA 3-28-2017
AADR Awards the 2017 Irwin D. Mandel Dintinguished Mentoring Award to Rena D'Souza 3-27-2017
Next Gen Innovator Award 3-27-2017
Guy Zimmerman, MD 3-23-2017
Timothy Farrell, MD 3-23-2017
Prescription to play: U. working to improve your health with apps, games 3-17-2017
Emergency Medicine Training in Vietnam 3-17-2017
U School of Medicine Jumps 20 Spots on U.S. News Annual Rankings 3-14-2017
Colon Cancer Awareness Month 3-9-2017
Transplant Rankings 2-22-2017
Sarah Franklin - 40 Under 40 2-22-2017
Health Equity Physician-Researcher Named Chair of University of Utah Department of Family and Preventive Medicine 2-21-2017
MRI-Guided Prostate Biopsy 2-3-2017
Inversion Can Make It Harder to Fight Illness 2-1-2017
Can Exercise Solve PAD? A High-Tech MRI Approach to Finding the Answer 1-31-2017
Getting Serious about Radiology Costs 1-31-2017
Nature Highlights Dr. Korenberg and Colleagues 1-26-2017
Remembering Charles Castle, MD 1-25-2017
University of Utah Organ Transplant Patients Enjoy Some of Best Outcomes in Country, Data Shows 1-25-2017
Enabling an Air Quality Exposome 1-24-2017
Bob Pendleton, MD 1-20-2017
Winds of Change at WHO by Juan Carlos Negrette 1-20-2017
Extreme Affordability 1-13-2017
Air quality affects your health 1-12-2017
Janet Iwasa Selected as TED Senior Fellow 1-10-2017
Amy Barrios 2016 Presidential Scholar Recipient 1-9-2017
University of Utah Health Care CEO Vivian S. Lee Awarded Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology 1-6-2017
NHHF 9th Annual Gala 12-12-2016
University of Utah Hospital chosen for national pilot program studying methods of quality monitoring in kidney transplant 12-9-2016
Three KL2, VPCAT Scholars Honored at U of U Health Science’s Vitae 12-8-2016
A Quiet Man, Towering Scholar and Gifted Physician: John M. Opitz, M.D., Awarded Federal Decoration from Republic of Germany 12-3-2016
Check out a new DBMI video 12-1-2016
Welcome to Internal Medicine 11-28-2016
Michael Rubin Appointed Associate Chair 11-22-2016
Rory Hume Named New AVP for Academic Affairs and Education 11-21-2016
Morgan Award Winner Announced 11-20-2016
U College of Pharmacy’s Program Awarded $19.5M Contract Renewal To Identify Compounds for Treating Therapy-Resistant Epilepsy 11-18-2016
Two Distinguished Poster Awards at AMIA 11-17-2016
Resident News - November 11-17-2016
2016 Annual AMIA Symposium 11-14-2016
Alumni Dinner at AMIA 11-14-2016
Blog by Matthew Fuller, MD 11-1-2016
UUHC named an Anticoagulation Center of Excellence 10-26-2016
UNI chief wins Distinguished Hospital Executive Award 10-24-2016
DBMI Students Awarded 2016 Helmuth F. Orthner Travel Assistance Scholarship 10-17-2016
Utah at the Society for Neuroscience 10-17-2016
Reflection on Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians conference 10-17-2016
Department of Biomedical Informatics Awarded High Impact Pilots (HIP) Cooperative Agreement Program Grant 10-5-2016
New laparoscopic device used in surgery in Mongolia 10-1-2016
Timothy Farrell, MD 9-30-2016
University of Utah Health Care Ranks No. 1 Nationally in Quality, Accountability After 6 Years in Top 10 9-30-2016
Three University of Utah faculty inducted into ACMI 9-29-2016
Sung Wan Kim to receive the University of Utah Distinguished Chemistry Alumni Award in 2016 9-29-2016
Mollie Cummins, Ph.D., R.N. Earns 2016 Presidential Scholar Award 9-27-2016
Collaborator Receives Top MNUMS Honor 9-24-2016
Huntsman Cancer Institute Investigator Jody Rosenblatt Selected as HHMI Faculty Scholar 9-22-2016
University of Utah and Utah Families to Partner in a National Initiative to Study Children’s Health 9-21-2016
7 Domains of Women's Health Book Signing 9-19-2016
DBMI Student and Faculty Member Publish Paper in The Journal of the American Medial Association 9-15-2016
KL2 Scholar Spotlight: Jeremiah Alt, M.D., Ph.D. 9-15-2016
U Launches Large-scale Study to Understand How Teens' Experiences Impact the Brain 9-15-2016
Cord Blood Factor Could Treat Harmful Sepsis 9-12-2016
Bernard LaSalle Receives Sub-Award From Vanderbilt University and CTSA 9-9-2016
Kensaku Kawamoto Receives Hitachi, inc. Contract Titled Clinical Dashboard Utilizing OpenCDS and Standards-based Interoperability 9-8-2016
DBMI Faculty Members Receive Sub-Awarded Grant from Duke University 9-8-2016
Welcome to Internal Medicine 9-1-2016
Distinguished Lecture: Race and Queer Space: Paradoxes of Safety 9-1-2016
Book Signing Event 9-1-2016
Dr. Larry Zeng Places 3rd Worldwide in Low-Dose CT Contest 8-31-2016
Student Selected for Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program 8-25-2016
Pioneering Drug Researcher Named Dean of College of Pharmacy 8-25-2016
New Associate Dean for Research and Ph.D. Program 8-24-2016
Biomedical Informatics Julio Facelli and David Jones' Paper Selected as Editor's Choice in Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine Journal 8-24-2016
CCTS Workforce Development Foundation for Discovery Announces New Co-Directors Anthea Letsou, Julie Shakib 8-24-2016
Blessing the Journey 8-20-2016
Two Student Groups from the University of Utah DBMI Selected as Finalists in AMIA 2016 Student Design Challenge 8-16-2016
Top Ranking in Hospital Compare Survey 8-15-2016
Rare Perfect Score Leads to $2.25 Million Grant for University of Utah College of Nursing Professor 8-10-2016
Tianxin Yang, MD 8-8-2016
U. hospital cutting wasteful testing 8-8-2016
Huntsman Cancer Institute One of the Top in the Nation; University of Utah Hospital Best in Utah, according to latest U.S. News & World Report Rankings 8-2-2016
Frederick Welt, MD 7-29-2016
Benjamin Steinberg, MD 7-29-2016
Data Center Wins $25 Million NIH Grant to Find Ways to Improve Clinical Trials 7-29-2016
University of Utah Receives Top Ranking in Hospital Compare Survey 7-28-2016
NantHealth and University of Utah Establish Heritage 1K Project to Discover Genetic Causes of 25 Rare and Common Diseases 7-25-2016
Adam Spivak Receives Prestigous Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Award 7-21-2016
Adam Spivak, M.D. Receives Prestigious Award from Doris Duke Charitable Foundation 7-21-2016
University of Utah Department of Biomedical Informatics Collaboration Selected in Phase 1 of ONC’s User Experience Challenge 7-18-2016
Roger Freedman, MD 7-18-2016
Deanna Palma, RN, Staff Excellence Award Nominee 7-16-2016
University of Utah Health Care and Primary Children’s Hospital named “Center of Excellence” for Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) Clinical Network 7-15-2016
Faculty Spotlight: Lilliam Pinzon, DDS, MS, MPH 7-15-2016
U. Hospital first in the US to explore X-ray system's potential 7-15-2016
Theresa Werner, MD received 2016 Cancer Clinical Investigator Team Leadership Award 7-13-2016
U names new vice president for research 7-11-2016
Second Volume of Inclusive Excellence 7-5-2016
NIH Funds Zika Virus Study Involving U.S. Olympic Team 7-5-2016
Cesar Chavez Peace and Justice Awards Dinner 6-29-2016
Surgical Simulation Center Receives National Accreditation 6-29-2016
From Pipeline to Mainline: How increasing diversity in higher education can have a positive impact on addressing health disparities (and other good things). 6-28-2016
UUHC Kidney and Liver Transplants have Excellent Outcomes 6-24-2016
Neuroscience Initiative seed grant awarded to Dr. Cannon-Albright 6-22-2016
Welcome to General Internal Medicine 6-16-2016
Gordon Crabtree Named “CFO to Know” by Becker's Hospital Review 6-9-2016
Resident Award recipients 6-9-2016
Rob Ence named as executive director of the Utah Commission on Aging 6-3-2016
UCEER Awarded $4 Million to Tackle Ethical, Legal and Social Impacts of Genomic Information 6-1-2016
Transforming Health Workforce Education 5-26-2016
Becker's Hospital Review Names University of Utah Hospital to its list of 100 Great Hospitals in America 5-19-2016
U Students Collect Accolades for Catheter Innovation 5-17-2016
Adam Cohen 5-17-2016
U.S. Olympic Committee Adds the University of Utah to National Medical Network to Support Elite U.S. Athletes 5-11-2016
B2B Competition Night Slideshow 5-11-2016
#5 in New NIH Ranking 5-9-2016
Naresh Sundar Rajan Receives Prestigious Big Data Fellowship 5-6-2016
Dr. Eric awarded the University of Utah Distinguished Scholarly and Creative Research Award 5-5-2016
Rena D'Souza, D.D.S., Ph.D., Receives Birnberg Award from Columbia University Dental School Alumni 5-3-2016
Dev Abraham, MD, to receive teaching award 4-29-2016
Utah Naloxone: Battling Opioid Overdoses 4-28-2016
DBMI Students Awarded Fellowship from BDC4CM at Weill Cornell Medical School 4-27-2016
Seasoned USC Fundraiser John Baker to Join University of Utah Health Sciences as Chief Development Officer 4-27-2016
Nicholas Kristof Garners Attention for "Neglected Stepchild" 4-20-2016
Office of Health Equity & Inclusion to Hold First "Art Aloud" Event 4-11-2016
SACNAS celebration 4-6-2016
“Hey, That Professional Looks Like Me!” 4-6-2016
Bench-to-Bedside grand-prize Winner Could Prevent Infant Death 4-5-2016
U. Students to Unveil Medical Innovations at Bench-to-Bedside Competition at State Capitol 4-4-2016
2017-18 Chief Medical Residents 4-1-2016
What Exactly Is TRIO? 3-18-2016
Reflections from a Patient Voice panelist 3-18-2016
Rashmee Shah interviewed on Good4Utah 3-17-2016
Internationally Renowned Scholar, Academic Leader, Wyatt Rory Hume, Named Dean of School of Dentistry 3-16-2016
University of Utah Infectious Disease Expert to Lead U.S. Olympic Committee Infectious Disease Advisory Group 3-4-2016
Grand Rounds Celebrates the Career of Outgoing Department of Internal Medicine Chair John Hoidal, M.D. 3-4-2016
Jessica Walsh receives Young Investigator Award 2-26-2016
University of Utah Biochemist Is 1 of 4 Researchers Globally to Receive JDRF Grants to Develop ‘Smart’ Glucose-Responsive Insulin 2-25-2016
White House Highlights University of Utah-led Project to Help Patients with Rare, Untreatable Diseases at Precision Medicine Summit 2-25-2016
University of Utah School of Medicine recognized as an Hispanic-Serving Health Professionals School (HSHPS) 2-19-2016
UUHC Doctors perform their first living donor liver transplant 2-19-2016
UPAP--Diversity Matters! 2-16-2016
David Grainger has been announced as a 2016 Fulbright Fellow 2-12-2016
Dr. Eric Schmidt Published in PNAS 2-11-2016
Macula Society Honors Moran Clinician-Scientist 2-4-2016
Pharmacy and the Continuum of Lethal Injection 2-2-2016
Dr. Karen Gunning Awarded the 2016 University of Utah Distinguished Teaching Award 2-1-2016
Visiting Speaker Steven J. Thompson, MBA 1-29-2016
College of Nursing ranks 2nd for NIH funding 1-26-2016
NAACP MLK Jr. Event Honors Scholarship Award Winners 1-22-2016
Moran Receives Grant to Study Blindness Prevention 1-19-2016
Congratulations to Dr. Carol Lim's Promotion to Full Professor! 1-16-2016
Innovations in Pharmacy Publication 1-14-2016
Kristen Ries, MD, and Maggie Snyder, PA-C’s HIV/AIDS Clinic at the University of Utah subject of Sundance Documentary - U of U School of Medicine 1-11-2016
OHEI Faculty to Attend Association of American Medical Colleges Seminar 1-6-2016
Appointed to serve on the editorial advisory board for the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy 1-5-2016
Randall T. Peterson New Dean of the College of Pharmacy 1-1-2016
December News 12-31-2015
12 Days of Inclusive Excellence: Day 12 12-24-2015
12 Days of Inclusive Excellence: Day 11 12-24-2015
12 Days of Inclusive Excellence: Day 10 12-23-2015
12 Days of Inclusive Excellence: Day 9 12-20-2015
12 Days of Inclusive Excellence: Day 8 12-20-2015
12 Days of Inclusive Excellence: Day 7 12-19-2015
12 Days of Inclusive Excellence: Day 6 12-17-2015
Advancing the BRAIN Initiative 12-17-2015
12 Days of Inclusive Excellence: Day 5 12-16-2015
12 Days of Inclusive Excellence: Day 4 12-16-2015
Blessing Ceremony 12-15-2015
12 Days of Inclusive Excellence: Day 3 12-15-2015
12 Days of Inclusive Excellence: Day 2 12-14-2015
12 Days of Inclusive Excellence: Day 1 12-14-2015
Celebrating AAMC Award Winners 12-10-2015
Rena N. D’Souza D.D.S., Ph.D., Elected Vice President of the International Association for Dental Research 12-10-2015
Celebration of SACNAS Scholar 12-1-2015
Internationally Regarded Oncologist, Kathleen A. Cooney, M.D., Named Chair of Internal Medicine 11-5-2015
University of Utah School of Medicine Wins Spot on National Consortium With Plan to Improve Quality, Reduce Costs for Undergraduates 11-4-2015
Traditional Native American Blessing Ceremony 11-4-2015
Top Researcher Angela Fagerlin, Ph.D., Named Chair of Department of Population Health Sciences 11-3-2015
AirMed Medical Director, Eric Swanson, M.D., Honored on National Stage by Peers 10-28-2015
High Honor for the U of U Medical School’s Vivian S. Lee, Mario R. Capecchi: Election to the National Academy of Medicine 10-19-2015
Celebrating 60 Years of Cardiac Surgery in Utah With Russell M. Nelson, M.D. 10-19-2015
Guest Speaker: Scott Page, PhD 10-19-2015
Peter R. Huntsman Named CEO, Huntsman Foundation and Huntsman Cancer Foundation 10-14-2015
Lillian Tom-Orme, PhD, MPH, RN, and FAAN receives AAMC Travel Scholarship 10-7-2015
Karen Mulitalo, MPAS and Ana Sanchez-Birkhead, PhD, WHNP-BC, APRN named recipients of AAMC Travel Scholarship 10-7-2015
Charlton Park named UUHC’s new Chief Analytics Officer 10-5-2015
Dr. Ick Chan Kwon Mentioned As One of Sixteen Most Cited Korean Researchers in Korea Times 10-5-2015
University of Utah Health Care Continues to Make the List- 6 Years Running 10-1-2015
TITLE 10-1-2015
Johnson Foundation Gives $100,000 to Support Moran Center for Translational Medicine 9-30-2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for September 2015 9-30-2015
Technology to Crowdsource Complex Triggers of Pediatric Asthma 9-28-2015
Zubieta Named Chair of the Department of Psychiatry 9-10-2015
John A. Moran Eye Center Ranked in Top 10 Ophthalmology Residency Programs 9-4-2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for August 2015 8-31-2015
August News 8-31-2015
Why Do So Many Children Born With Heart Defects Have Trouble in School? 8-23-2015
Ana Sanchez-Birkhead, PhD, WHNP-BC, APRN, Awarded 2015 University of Utah College of Social Work Moving It Forward Social Justice Award 8-21-2015
School of Medicine Ranks High Among World Universities 8-20-2015
David Grainger is named as 2015 William Evans Visiting Faculty Fellow by the University of Otago, New Zealand. 8-18-2015
Chris Ireland Appointed as the Asia Campus Chief Administrative Officer and Associate Vice President for Research 8-10-2015
Grant Aids Dental School in Providing Care for Overlooked Population: Substance Abusers 8-5-2015
Amy Barrios has been selected as a 2015 Teva Scholar 8-5-2015
University of Utah Health Sciences Center Receives Grand Challenges Explorations Grant For Groundbreaking Research in Global Health and Development 7-31-2015
University of Utah Named Number One Health Care System in Utah 7-21-2015
University of Utah Health Care Named 2015 Most Wired Advanced 7-9-2015
National Cancer Institute Awards Huntsman Cancer Institute Elite Comprehensive Cancer Center Designation 7-8-2015
University of Utah Names Two News Faculty Members as Benning Scholars 7-7-2015
University of Utah Announces Inaugural Round of Grants to Advance Precision Medicine and Translational Research 6-30-2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for July 2015 6-30-2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for June 2015 6-30-2015
June News 6-30-2015
Congratulations to Dr. Carol Lim's Promotion to Full Professor! 6-23-2015
Long-time Faculty Member Talmage Egan named Chair of Anesthesiology 6-18-2015
David Perry, M.B.A., named Chief Marketing Officer 6-15-2015
Spotlight: Raquel Vargas-Whale, MS in Clinical Investigation Graduate - U of U School of Medicine 6-15-2015
Genomics England Selects Omicia and University of Utah Technology for 100,000 Genomes Project 6-11-2015
U.S. News & World Report Ranks Primary Children’s Hospital and The U’s Department of Pediatrics in 7 Specialties for Its 2015-2016 Rankings 6-9-2015
University of Utah Designated as Center of Excellence for Tourette Syndrome at Annual Education Day 6-5-2015
University of Utah Neuroscience Initiative Announces Inaugural Round of Grants to Understand the Brain in Disease and in Health 6-3-2015
Pediatrician Ed Clark, M.D. honored by the Utah Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics 6-3-2015
Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine Receives Optum® Center of Excellence Designation 6-3-2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for May 2015 5-31-2015
May News 5-31-2015
ISPOR Research Presentation Podium and Poster Awards 5-28-2015
In the Future, Your Local Pharmacy Could Be Very Different Than it is Today 5-25-2015
Innovative Approaches to Preventing Muscle Loss Earns Micah Drummond, Ph.D., AGS Investigator Award 5-20-2015
Seminal Discoveries in Metabolism Earn Biochemist Jared Rutter, Ph.D., HHMI Investigator Appointment 5-19-2015
Blood-thinning Bridge Therapy 5-5-2015
New CCTS Director: Carrie Byington, MD, Will Dere, MD 5-1-2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for April 2015 4-30-2015
April News 4-30-2015
Road Less Traveled Leads to National Academy of Sciences for Biochemist Brenda L. Bass, Ph.D. 4-28-2015
Team of U. Student-Innovators Rake in Big Bucks at Rice 4-22-2015
Mario Capecchi Recognized With AACR Lifetime Achievement in Cancer Research Award 4-17-2015
Biochemist Adam Hughes Named 2015 Searle Scholar for Research into Age-related Disease 4-16-2015
Tim Hynes Foundation Names 2015 SMTA Scholarship Recipient 4-13-2015
Cinluma wins Grand Prize at Bench-2-Beside Competition 4-9-2015
Bench-2-Bedside Competition to Showcase U Student Medical Innovations 4-8-2015
Grand Opening of Ray and Tye Noorda Oral Health Sciences Building 4-7-2015
Pulitzer Prize Winner Nicholas Kristof to Kick Off Global Health Conference 4-6-2015
Noted UCSF Scientist Joins Research Team at Huntsman Cancer Institute 4-6-2015
Business Insider Ranks University of Utah Medical School Among the 25 Best 4-2-2015
Bench-2-Bedside Competition to Showcase U. Students’ Medical Innovations at State Capitol, April 8 4-2-2015
March News 3-31-2015
Kyle Turner Published on Primary Care Progress Website 3-31-2015
Amyloidosis Clinic Opens in Utah, Third in the Country Specializing in Treatment of the Rare Disease 3-26-2015
University of Utah Health Plans Selected for Green & Healthy Homes Pay for Success Project 3-25-2015
Welcome Two New Bionutritionists - U of U School of Medicine 3-13-2015
US News Ranks U of U Health Sciences Programs Among Best in the Country: Significant Jump in Nursing Rankings 3-10-2015
Joshua Scott Conarton has been selected for the 2015 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Researcher 3-9-2015
Niccolo Fiorentino, PhD, Receives NRSA F32 Fellowship - U of U School of Medicine 3-6-2015
U Spinoff Company Curza Featured on KSL 5 News - U of U School of Medicine 3-2-2015
Brandon Lawrence, MD Awarded LSRS Research Grant - U of U School of Medicine 3-2-2015
February News 2-27-2015
Traditional Medicines May Interfere With AIDS Treatments: Lou Barrows, Ph.D. 2-25-2015
U.S. News & World Report Releases 2015 Best Graduate Schools Rankings: U of U College of Pharmacy #10 2-25-2015
Karen Wilcox, Ph.D., Named Chair of Pharmacology and Toxicology 2-6-2015
January News 1-31-2015
Louisa Stark Wins Award From the Genetics Society of America 1-23-2015
Honoring a Career of Excellence 1-22-2015
Woodward Honored as Outstanding Educator 1-20-2015
Dave Grainger Awarded Two Lectures 1-7-2015
Lucas Anderson, MD Wins Frank Stinchfield Award - U of U School of Medicine 1-2-2015
American College of Medical Informatics Honors Dr. Julio Facelli 12-19-2014
Cardiologist Awarded Master Clinician Award 12-19-2014
Researchers Publish Article in Cancer Cell - U of U School of Medicine 12-12-2014
Orthopaedic Resident Iain Elliot, MD, Receives Research Grant - U of U School of Medicine 12-5-2014
Eric Schmidt Interview on The Scope 11-24-2014
U of Utah Students Win 2nd at National Inventor Competition 11-19-2014
University of Utah Hospital Among First Selected for American College of Cardiology Patient Navigator Program 11-7-2014
Professor honored as Health Care Ambassador by Danish Princess 11-6-2014
Success of University of Utah Center for Medical Innovation Draws Impressive Grant Support 11-4-2014
Tom Cheatham Published Paper in Nature Communications 10-29-2014
Tom Cheatham has Been Named Director of the CHPC 10-29-2014
University of Utah Health Care to be Inducted in 2014 Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame 10-28-2014
Nathaniel Cordova Receives Scholarship From SACNAS 10-27-2014
Spin-Off Company Curza Global Featured in Annual TVC Report - U of U School of Medicine 10-24-2014
University of Utah Health Care Best in Class Five Years Running 10-24-2014
Huntsman Cancer Institute Receives $1MM Funding to Study Triple Negative Breast Cancer 10-23-2014
James Wylie, MD, MHS, Wins 2014 Basic Trainee Research Award - U of U School of Medicine 10-17-2014
Don Blumenthal Paper Selected as Journal of Biological Chemistry Paper of the Week 10-13-2014
Kent Bachus, PhD, Awarded VA Grant - U of U School of Medicine 10-10-2014
Clinical Neurosciences Center Honored 10-9-2014
Congratulations to Our Two New KL2 Scholars! - U of U School of Medicine 10-2-2014
World's Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014 10-2-2014
U Neurologist Receives Seven-Year Research Grant Towards Neurodegenerative Diseases 9-30-2014
University of Utah Health Sciences Names Satoshi Minoshima as New Chair of Radiology 9-29-2014
Utah Doctor of the Year 9-26-2014
Douglas Hutchinson, MD, Receives DOD Subaward to Study Neuroprosthetics - U of U School of Medicine 9-26-2014
NACDS Point-of-Care Testing training program 9-25-2014
Interim Dean Kristen Published Article in the Fall 2014 Grad News 9-24-2014
Geoff Miller Won Best Poster Award at the UU Biosciences Symposium 9-23-2014
Huntsman Cancer Institute Adds Distinguished New Members to External Advisory Board 9-22-2014
Man Hung, PhD, Receives NIH Grant to Study Patient-Reported Outcome Measures - U of U School of Medicine 9-19-2014
OMeGA Medical Grants Association Funds Orthopaedic Oncology Fellowship Program - U of U School of Medicine 9-12-2014
Brandon Jennings, named 2014 Pharmacist of the Year 8-23-2014
Huntsman Cancer Institute Receives Funding to Establish a National Clinical Trials Network Site 7-17-2014
University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics Named Top in Utah 7-15-2014
Renowned Scholar, Educator, David H. Perrin, Ph.D., Named New Dean of College of Health 7-8-2014
$5,000,000 Gift to Support Advancing Research about Cancers that Affect Women 7-2-2014
Rho Chi/PLS induction ceremony 6-30-2014
Making a difference in the fight against infectious diseases for kids 6-27-2014
You Han Bae - Controlled Release Society College of Fellows 2014 Awardee 6-24-2014
Two Utah Pharmaceutics Researchers (S.W. Kim, Y-H. Bae) Among the Top 1% Most Cited Researchers in Thomson Reuters "Pharmacology/Toxicology" Category 6-24-2014
Professor Gary S. Yost Passes Away 6-23-2014
NIH Rankings Released June 2014 6-20-2014
Presidential Scholars 6-20-2014
UUHC Marketing Recognized as Top in Nation 6-17-2014
Two Utah Doctors Selected for ELAM Fellowship 6-10-2014
Publication of the research in JMCP 6-4-2014
Harvard Business Review Praises University of Utah Health Care as Leader in Physician Engagement 6-2-2014
University Hospital listed as 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Engagement 5-30-2014
Epilepsy Foundation Presents Lifetime Accelerator Award to H. Steven White, Ph.D. 5-29-2014
University of Utah PA Wins Award for Humanitarian Work 5-22-2014
Dianne Fuller Wins 2014 Dare to Care Award 5-12-2014
Randall J. Olson Receives 2014 Rosenblatt Prize 5-2-2014
University of Utah Health Care and Staff Honored With Several Prestigious Awards 4-25-2014
Grant to Support Software for Tailored Cancer Treatments 4-25-2014
University of Utah Biochemist Awarded Prestigious Herbert Sober Lectureship 4-24-2014
Robert Marc of University of Utah's Moran Eye Center Given 2014 Paul Kayser International Award in Retina Research 4-22-2014
University of Utah Ophthalmologist to Receive Top Honor for Vision Research 4-17-2014
Student Inventors Win More than $71,000 at Bench-to-Bedside Competition 4-11-2014
University of Utah Hosts Second Annual Air Quality Retreat 4-7-2014
Catherine R. deVries Honored at Annual National Physician of the Year Awards 3-31-2014
From DNA to Diagnosis: U of U, USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery to Integrate Genome Data into Patient Care 3-18-2014
Sloan Research Fellowship awarded to U of U Researcher Adam Douglass 3-18-2014
Dean Chris M. Ireland Receives 2014 Paul J. Scheuer Award 3-7-2014
ARUP CEO Selected as Trustee to American Board of Pathology 2-25-2014
Don Blumenthal was selected as a fellow of the Academy of Health Sciences Educators 2-18-2014
University of Utah Program for Air Quality, Health and Society receives $40,000 grant from UCAIR to develop video game app 1-17-2014