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Cultivating Collaboration

A message from our leadership

Margaret Pearce, RN, Ph.D. Chief Nursing Officer

Welcome to the University of Utah 2012 Nursing Report! We’re excited this year to present examples from our journey in collaboration. Although we’ve always thought of ourselves as collaborative with other departments, we’ve begun a concerted effort to be highly inclusive much earlier and more fully than before. The result has been better ideas, rapid buy-in and such positive outcomes that we wanted to share them with you.

On these webpages you’ll see collaborations with multiple people in multiple departments, some who have been involved in our nursing innovations before and others who are new collaborators. I hope you will find something that is helpful to you and your organization in our examples.

This year we’ve included some projects that are still in their pilot phase. We’re so excited about our outcomes to date that we want to get the information out right away. We’ve also included additional features on this site, including discussion forums for each story, video interviews and other project materials. We’ll be updating our progress during the year, so you can check back and see how things are going with the projects long term.

Finally, as you review or implement any of our ideas, please send us feedback and join our discussion forum. We would love to hear what you’ve done and discover some great new ideas to implement ourselves. Thank you for taking the time to review our progress.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Margaret Pearce, RN, Ph.D.
Chief Nursing Officer