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A Patient's Story

Laurie Nail and daughter Amy at 2 months old

Laurie Nail and daughter Amy at 2 months old

Laurie Nail’s Early Delivery

It was supposed to be a routine prenatal visit. But when Laurie Nail’s OB examined her, he knew something wasn’t right. He told her to go immediately to our hospital to see perinatologist Dr. Jan Byrne. Realizing she might be admitted, Laurie quickly stopped at home to grab her bag and meet her husband. But before she could even leave her house, her water broke and she started bleeding.

“I knew Dr. Byrne was expecting me, so we drove straight to the University Hospital rather than going to a hospital closer to home,” she says. When she walked up to the Labor and Delivery nurse station, Laurie explained her situation. The nurse immediately stood up and told everyone at the nurse’s station to follow her and Laurie into one of the labor rooms. Staff quickly got Laurie into bed, and within minutes, they were prepping her for surgery.

“Everyone seemed busy, but they were calm, so I was calm,” she says. “Clearly, they were not in a joking mood, but nobody was acting panicked either.” And yet the team knew that Laurie and her baby were in danger. To avert potential tragedy, everyone in the C-section room worked together with intense focus—and a safe, rapid delivery was performed.

“I had no clue how serious the situation was until after delivery,” says Laurie. The whole emergency, from valet parking Laurie’s car to the birth of her baby, took only 35 minutes. But those 35 minutes made the difference between life and death.

Today, both Laurie and her new baby are happy, healthy, and thriving. “I feel great about the decision we made to come up to the University Hospital,” says Laurie. “From the moment we arrived, we knew we were in good hands.”