Occupational Medicine

Ask a Doc

OccMed, together with the Utah Trucking Association, is excited to roll out a new resource, “Ask-a-Doc”.

Ask-a-Doc provides the opportunity to tap into local medical expertise – for FREE.

You know those questions that pop into your head while on a road trip. Questions like “How often should I be stopping if I have poor circulation in my legs?” or “Is too much caffeine bad for my blood pressure?”

Our docs are prepared to answer questions like these and others on a variety of medical topics, such as:

  • DOT Exams
  • back pain
  • shoulder injuries
  • circulation issues
  • heart disease
  • diabetes on-the-road healthy lifestyle management
  • sleep hygiene
  • sleep apnea

So go ahead, send your email to: askadoc@health.utah.edu

It's absolutely free.