Occupational Medicine

Work Physicals

Doctor examining elderly male patientA work physical evaluates a worker’s fitness to perform job duties in accordance with regulatory requirements or at an employer’s request. We directly bill employers for exam services, including labs and other testing. Individuals may request exams on a self-pay basis. All testing for most exams is completed during the same visit within either the Redwood Health Center or the South Jordan Health Center.

Types of Work Physicals and Evaluations Available:

  • OSHA Screening/Medical Surveillance Exams
  • Pre-Placement Exams
  • “DOT” Driver (truck/bus driver) Exams
  • Firefighter Exams
  • Law Enforcement Officer Exams
  • Animal Handler Immunizations and Exams
  • Hazardous Drug (Chemotherapy) Handler Exams
  • High Altitude Clearance Exams
  • Respirator Medical Clearance Exams
  • Physical Ability Testing
  • Heavy Metals (e.g., lead, cadmium, arsenic) Testing

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