Preparing for Your Joint Replacement Experience

Joint Academy is an extensive pre-operative education program for joint replacement patients and their friends, family, and care coaches. Over the course of this two hour educational program, patients and their care coaches will learn from a skilled team of medical professionals, with specialties ranging from pain management to physical therapy, on how to ensure the best possible outcome for joint replacement surgery. Joint Academy is engaging, interactive, and completely free of charge.

Our team recommends that all patients watch our educational video series, provided here, prior to surgery. We encourage you to share these videos with family, friends, or your care coach, and to take notes on any questions you may have. Your joint binder, which was distributed to you during your clinic visit, is another excellent resource.

Our surgeons strongly recommend that all patients attend a Joint Academy session prior to undergoing joint replacement surgery. If you haven’t signed up already, call today to schedule attendance at an upcoming Joint Academy session!

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what you will learn from joint camp

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Jill A. Erickson, PA-C

Jill Erickson has worked with our Adult Reconstruction Surgeons since 1999, and with Christopher Peters, M.D. exclusively since 2003, with Joint Replacements as well as Hip Preservation procedures. She is an integral member of our University of Utah Center for Hip & Knee Reconstruction team and coordinates our research, surgical and clinical ou... Read More

Jeremy M. Gililland, MD

Patient Rating:


4.8 out of 5

Dr. Gililland specializes in adult reconstructive orthopedic surgery of the hip and knee. He performs routine and complex primary and revision joint replacement operations. Additionally, his focuses include partial knee replacement and direct anterior total hip arthroplasty. He considers himself very fortunate to have a profession that he is passio... Read More

Christopher E. Pelt, MD

Patient Rating:


4.7 out of 5

Dr. Pelt specializes in hip replacement and revision, and knee replacement and revision. Minimally invasive joint replacement, partial knee replacement (unicompartmental, patellofemoral), cruciate preserving knee replacement, and direct anterior hip replacement are all aspects of his practice. Dr. Pelt is a Tenured Associate Professor in the Depart... Read More


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Christopher L. Peters, MD

Patient Rating:


4.7 out of 5

Dr. Chris Peters, Professor, specializes in adult reconstructive orthopaedic surgery of the hip and knee. He performs routine and complex joint replacements and bioregenerative hip preserving operations. One of his specialties includes the treatment of hip pain in young adults from acetabular dysplasia and/or femoro-acetabular impingement with pelv... Read More

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