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Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement, & Other Joint Replacements

Total joint replacement, or joint arthroplasty, is most often a hip replacement or knee replacement, but it can also be done on ankles, elbows, and shoulders. Surgeons remove damaged cartilage (the smooth caps on the end of bones that lets bones glide smoothly) and replace an injured joint with an artificial one.

An artificial joint can improve your body’s movement and your overall quality of life. If you have these symptoms, you may want to choose a joint replacement:

  • Moderate to severe arthritis
  • Significant limits on normal daily activity from your joints, for example grocery shopping causes severe pain
  • Severe pain in your joints that you can't manage with anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) 

A total joint replacement will help you return to your normal activities and relieve your pain (95 percent success rate). Replacement joints are prostheses made of titanium, chrome cobalt, and polyethylene.

High Quality, Cost-Effective Care

Our providers are committed to helping you maintain a higher quality of life. We do this by using state-of-the-art, proven treatment and surgical methods in to diagnose and treat our patients.

We use a collaborative approach from beginning to the end using all the resources available at the University Orthopaedic Center and University of Utah Health system. Our hip and knee specialists are the most experienced specialists in the Mountain West.

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Virtual Rehab Visits

We now offer virtual rehabilitation for joint replacement patients after surgery. Our video teleconferencing system allows our patients to receive the same great care from the comfort of their homes. Please call us to schedule your virtual rehab visit today.