Information Sharing & Interoperability


Welcome to University of Utah Health’s website for Interoperability and Information Sharing/Blocking resources, education materials, and practices. This website will serve as the best source of information about the 21st Century Cures Act and the related ONC and CMS Final Rules for Interoperability and Information Blocking.  Please read below to find FAQs, Education Materials, and Additional Links and Resources for University of Utah Health patients. University of Utah Health employees may find additional information in Pulse.

Background Information

  • Interoperability, described as the ability of health information to move seamlessly within and across organizations and different electronic health record systems, plays an integral role in improving healthcare delivery for individuals and communities. U of U Health’s secure Health IT systems allow us to share and exchange health information with our patients and give them free, safe, and seamless access to their Electronic Health Information from their cell phones or computers. Information sharing and exchange requires appropriate U of U Health policies, processes, and clinical workflows. 
  • The 21st Century CURES Act created significant changes in the interoperability of and access to patient medical information, making it more readily available to patients and providers.
  • Various healthcare providers—from hospitals to hospices, to independent physician groups—must comply with the Information Blocking rule implemented as part of the CURES Act.
  • To help accomplish this, the CURES Act prohibits “Information Blocking”.
  • HIPAA granted patients a right to access their health information. The CURES Act and the Information Blocking Rule make patient access to their medical information easier via MyChart portals.
  • Information Blocking Rule went into effect on April 5, 2021.
  • The CURES Act and Information Blocking Rule contain interoperability implications that require policy, process, and practice changes at U of U Health and other healthcare providers nationwide.

What is Information Blocking?

  • Information Blocking is any practice that is likely to prevent or discourage the exchange of or access to medical information.
  • More simply, Information Blocking is anything U of U Health providers may do that prevents patients from (almost) immediate access to their medical information via MyChart.
  • Although exception to the Information Blocking Rule exist, they are strict and complicated. U of U Health will strive to meet the highest standard for complying with these new rules. 

WWhat do I do if I have concerns about who can see my notes and results in MyChart?

  • Many patients choose to share their records using MyChart. In most cases, you may grant or remove access to another adult in Your Menu or by contacting MyChart Support. You can also share your record using the Share Everywhere feature.
  • You may also want to talk to your healthcare team about these concerns. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers can help you decide if a note should be blocked from MyChart.