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Hip Recall Brings Dallas Patient to Utah

Dec 02, 2014

Cars, toys, food: these are all typical items that are recalled when something goes wrong. But what happens when your hip implant is recalled?

That is exactly what Kat Hoppa, a resident of Dallas, TX, asked herself. A few years after having a hip replacement, she began to lose mobility and experience pain due to complications with a recalled hip implant used in her surgery.

"I am a real go-getter," says Kat. "For 61 years of age, I am very active and always in good spirits. So when I was having trouble moving, I knew I was in trouble."

While most recalls require sending the product back, that was not an option for Kat. She needed to have the parts surgically removed and sought medical attention. Local surgeons told Kat the surgery would require making a large incision and it could take six months to a year of recovery.

As a general contractor with an active lifestyle, a long recovery was not an option for Kat. So, she did what most of us do when we have a question. She turned to Google.

While browsing the Internet, Kat found a two-hour video of University of Utah Health physician, Erik Kubiak, MD, performing a minimally invasive anterior approach hip revision. It was the exact surgery she needed. Two weeks and a short flight later, Kat underwent surgery at University of Utah Hospital, where Kubiak removed the infected scar tissue and the 4-piece hip replacement.

"I tell people I couldn't be closer to God's hands if I wanted to be," says Kat. "Kubiak and his team are heroes. I have never seen so many friendly nice people in once place at one time."

The surgery wasn't the only success. Kat and her spouse, Larry, made the most of their visit to Utah, touring Salt Lake City, sampling local cuisine, and visiting national parks.

"I got surgery and a vacation, all in one!" says Kat. "Utah is beautiful. I wish more people realized they don't need to stay in their hometown to have a surgery."

By the time Kat returned to Dallas, she was back in action. What other surgeons had said would take at least six months of recovery took mere days for Kat, thanks to Kubiak's minimally invasive approach.

"Believe it or not, I am actually excited to have another surgery after my wonderful experience," says Kat. "I can assure you all my surgeries will be at University of Utah hospital from here on out."