Eye Treatment Preserves Professor's Sight & Quality of Life


Thirty-five years ago, Professor Edward Lueders was diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the number one blinding eye disease in older adults. Although there is not yet a cure for AMD, the effects of the disease can be slowed with intervention and treatment. Lueders turned to Michael Teske, MD at the John A. Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah to manage his worsening condition.

Over the years, Dr. Teske has treated Lueders and helped him stay on top of his disease. “I’m indebted to Dr. Teske for keeping me aware of my AMD and helping to manage it,” said Lueders.

Lueders also participated in Moran’s Patient Support Services program with Julia Kleinschmidt, PhD, LCSW, to learn about the devices available to help him use his remaining vision optimally. “Julia looked after me and helped me to understand what types of tools were best for my condition. She was very conscientious of me and was a great support,” he says. As a retired professor of English at the University of Utah, Lueders has published 12 books ranging from poetry to WWII novels and writing is part of his everyday life. Because it is important for him to continue his work, he uses a special voice-over computer program that reads everything he types. He also uses a close-circuit television screen to read, which magnifies the text large enough for him to see clearly.

While working with Lueders, Dr. Kleinschmidt discovered he was eligible for services at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). “If Julia hadn’t paid close attention to me, I would have never known I could receive care at the VA,” says Lueders. “I now visit their low-vision clinic, and they have supplied me with the vision devices I need and now use on a daily basis.”

Now 89 years old, Lueders continues doing the things he loves best: writing, reading, and playing the piano. He has learned to adjust to his limited vision with the help and encouragement of Dr. Teske, Dr. Kleinschmidt, and many other individuals at the Moran Eye Center. “I’ve been treated at Moran for many years, by multiple people, and have benefited greatly from their care,” he says.

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