Fire Marshal's Dream of Becoming a Mother Comes True


After seeing University of Utah Health's “Because of U” billboard, fire marshal Martha Ellis thought about her beautiful daughter Rosemary and the miracle that brought her into Martha’s life. She says, “Because of you, I’m a mom! Because of you, my daughter’s alive! You need to promote your fertility clinic because they’re amazing up there.”

Martha Ellis was in her late thirties when she married her husband Jeff, and having children was important to her. “I knew I always wanted to be a mom,” says Martha, “and I prayed, prayed, prayed for a girl.” Martha and Jeff looked to the Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine for help, where doctors recommended an in vitro fertilization treatment called an intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), a technique in which a single sperm is injected into the egg.

Optimistic that the treatment would work, Martha was crestfallen when the first hormonal regimen didn’t produce enough eggs to harvest. Kirtly Jones, MD reassured Martha that they could try a stronger regimen in a few months. “She was so supportive and calm. She even gave me a little gift, a good luck charm,” says Martha. “She was very confident that the other concoction would work, and of course that gave me a great deal of confidence.”

Jones was right. The second regimen worked and Martha was ecstatic to be pregnant and thankful to Jones and the staff that helped make her dreams of becoming a mother a reality. “I can’t say enough about it. What a great, great team of people. I’ve got pictures of them all,” she says, pointing to pictures in her photo album. “There’s Kirtly, my husband and I holding up a picture of Rosemary when she’s four cells big, and the nurses that were right by my side every step of the way ... I’ll never forget them.”

Martha relished being pregnant. She studied books about pregnancy, bought a stethoscope that she could hold against her belly to hear her baby’s heart beat, and still remembers the first time she felt her baby kick, saying, “It was the coolest thing ever!” People told her that she was the happiest pregnant woman they had ever met. “How couldn’t I be? I was over the moon with the fact that I was pregnant. I wanted to absorb myself in that,” she says.

On April 18, 2002, Rosemary was born. “She’s a miracle baby. It was a party when she arrived,” says Martha. “And after that of course, the whole world revolved around her. Still does! It’s been wonderful.”

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