In Vitro Fertilization Helps Couple Become a Family


Melissa and Sam Olson always wanted children. However, their attempts to conceive had been unsuccessful due to a condition called endometriosis which affected Melissa’s reproductive organs. Melissa found about her condition soon after marrying Sam, but she was still hopeful that one day she would be able to have a child.

After struggling to conceive naturally, the Olson’s turned to Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine for help conceiving in September of 2009. “We consulted a few places about in vitro fertilization but we decided on U of U Health because of the professionalism of the staff and the amazing access to resources.” After a successful surgery by Matthew Peterson, MD to clear some of the damage caused by endometriosis, Melissa began in vitro fertilization.

Her first implementation resulted in a miscarriage, but Dr. Peterson did not let her lose hope. “I was pretty devastated when I miscarried and saw it as a sign that I wasn’t ever going to have kids. Dr. Peterson was always extremely positive and you could tell he really wanted what was best for us. He was very professional while at the same time being very personal.” After a second in vitro in which Dr. Peterson implanted two embryos, one took. That one embryo then split, resulting in identical twin girls.

“After a person conceives using in vitro, the doctor usually just sends the patient to the OB/GYN and moves on, but Dr. Peterson called me twice during my pregnancy to make sure everything was going smoothly. That kind of care doesn’t happen everywhere.”

Melissa gave birth to healthy, twin girls, Kate and Lauren, in December of 2010. “I know not everyone is lucky enough to have in vitro work but based on the care I received at the U of U Health, I could have accepted leaving with no children because I knew that I had the best medical care that could be provided.”

For the Olson’s life with their twins is a dream come true. “My girls are beautiful and I am so grateful to have them in my life. I wasn’t sure I was ever going to be able to have children so to have them is just a blessing.” Melissa credits Dr. Peterson and her “group of superstar staffers” for the positive experience she had at U of U Health. “I had such a positive experience even though I was going through something so challenging.”

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