Office Of Public Affairs

Media Relations Contacts

Office of Public Affairs & Marketing

383 Colorow Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Main Line:  (801) 581-7387

Kathy Wilets, @kwilets
Director of Media Relations and Content Marketing
Office: 801-581-5717 | Cell: 801-541-5093

Julie Kiefer, @JulieCKiefer
Manager, Science Communications
Office: 801-587-1293

Phil Sahm, @PhilSahm
Senior Science Writer
Office: 801-581-2517

Libby Mitchell, @UUHCLibby
Social Media Coordintator
Office: 801-587-0945

Natalie Dicou, @NatalieDicou
Communications Specialist
Office: 801-587-1374

Charlie Ehlert, @Charlie_Ehlert
Office: 801-587-1496

Scot Singpiel, @TheyCallMeScot
Radio Producer, The Scope Radio
Office: 801-587-1137