Article Date
University of Utah researchers may have found a way to fix a broken heart 08/14/2021
You don’t have to suffer from a herniated disk or spinal stenosis 08/02/2021
What are varicose veins and how do you get rid of them? 05/27/2021
Pay attention to your heartbeat! Here are the signs you might be dealing with AFib 05/18/2021
Catch the signs of a stroke FAST! Here are the 4 symptoms to look for… 04/27/2021
Placenta Accreta Part I - Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Imaging 03/07/2021
Hypertension in South Asians: Recognizing and Managing High Blood Pressure 03/05/2021
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Try a Non-Invasive Treatment for Varicose or Spider Veins 02/23/2021
Healing Failing Hearts 02/09/2021
COVID 19 Testing in the CORES Lab 02/04/2021
Asymptomatic Testing Available Now 02/04/2021
Heart Failure Beat Podcast: Provider Series 01/01/2021
VA Care Coordination Satisfaction Rates Higher Than Community Care 10/01/2020
New study shows Veterans give VA health care facilities and VA community provider network high marks 09/08/2020
Veterans’ Experiences With VA’s Health Care System Improve 09/08/2020
Veterans’ Experiences With VA’s Health Care System Improve 09/08/2020
Honoring All Who Served 09/08/2020
Study reveals unexpected protective role for brain swelling after injury 09/08/2020
This New Procedure Treats a Common Side Effect for Breast Cancer Survivors 09/08/2020
Veterans Experience Differences Between VHA and Community Providers 09/08/2020
Survey data show Vets, on the whole, have good experiences with both VA and VA-purchased community care 08/04/2020
Research Points to Importance of VA and Community Care Patient Experience Scores 08/04/2020
University of Utah Health’s new world-class rehabilitation and recovery center 08/04/2020
Defining the Role of the CTO Medical Director at AACI Cancer Centers 08/04/2020
Improve the Odds of Recovery by Knowing the Signs of a Stroke 06/26/2020
Improve the Odds of Recovery by Knowing the Signs of a Stroke 06/12/2020
University of Utah Vows to Fight Racism in Research 06/11/2020
U Office for Research Sets Anti-Racist Agenda 06/11/2020
Theresa L. Werner, MD: Talking With Patients About Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trials 05/26/2020
Theresa L. Werner, MD, on Ovarian Cancer and the Immunotherapy Revolution 05/19/2020
NIH scientists link higher maternal blood pressure to placental gene changes 02/10/2020
BYB Podcast: Dads and Alchohol 02/07/2020
BYB Podcast: Infertility 01/31/2020
BYB Podcast: Infertility 01/03/2020
Kevin Shah, MD is a Cardiologist at University of Utah Health 12/15/2019
Kevin Whitehead Cure HHT 12/10/2019
Hope for depression with ECT, Ketamine, Propofol, transcranial magnetic stimulation 11/27/2019
Minimally Invasive Lumbar Fusion 11/21/2019
ED (Erectile Dysfunction) – When to Seek Treatment 08/09/2019
Vasectomy Reversal: Answers for Your Questions 08/09/2019
The Vasectomy Procedure: What Should You Expect? 08/09/2019
The TetraSki: Using Technology To Enable Quadriplegics To Ski 08/09/2019
Back Pain Doesn't Have to Be a Chronic Condition for You 08/09/2019
Innovative Watercraft, Ski Systems Give Those With Spinal Cord Injuries Freedom 08/04/2019
University of Utah Doctors Discover Potentially Lifesaving Treatment for Cardiac Patients 07/29/2019
Adaptive Sports Just Got Easier With Infusion Of Bio Technology 07/18/2019
Fixed-dose enoxaparin prophylaxis often inadequate for colorectal surgery 05/29/2019
Many Faces of Stroke- Atrial Fibrilation 05/22/2019
Montana trooper injured in shooting and hospitalized in Utah returns home 05/22/2019
Many Faces of Stroke 05/21/2019
Impact of Policy on VA Healthcare Utilization 05/21/2019
University of Utah Healthcare recommends finding board certified or eligible surgeons 05/03/2019
Commentary by Theresa L. Werner, MD, Ovarian Cancer Site Editor for JNCCN 360 02/01/2019
Research Excellence Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow University of Utah (Video) 01/11/2019
Neurology Minute 01/01/2019
The Science of Addiction 11/28/2018
Extension of Self: Neuroprosthetics for Amputees 11/09/2018
High School Science Could Include Opioid Education With New Program 10/22/2018
Cone snails: beautiful, deadly and helping Type 1 Diabetes 10/08/2018
Utah Teachers Needed for Developing Curriculum about Opioids and Opioid Addiction 09/19/2018
Washington Researchers Lead Largest Study Ever On Genetic Risk for Placental AbruptionB 07/12/2018
Distinguished Innovation and Impact Award (DIIA) 07/01/2018
DIIA winners 2018 07/01/2018
New study examines link between e-cigarette use, quitting smoking 03/28/2018
Editorial: Opioid fight will be long, but Utah Legislature is on right track 02/15/2018
Salt Lake lawmaker seeks $300k for opioid prevention curriculum for middle, high schools 02/09/2018
Salt Lake lawmaker seeks $300,000 for opioid prevention curriculum for middle, high schools 02/08/2018
Novel Therapies in Pancreatic Cancer: Opportunities and Challenges for Precision Medicine 01/24/2018
Take Intraoperative Steps to Reduce Joint Infection Risk 01/12/2018
Novel Therapies in Pancreatic Cancer: Opportunities and Challenges for Precision Medicine 01/11/2018
Utah doctors playing key role for Team USA at 2018 Olympics 01/09/2018
How clean is indoor air, really? University of Utah Health, Salt Lake County studying air quality inside families’ homes to minimize illness 01/01/2018
Bountiful family extra thankful after 29-year-old man survives heart attack 11/20/2017
Baby Your Baby: Opioid use and pregnancy for Utah women 09/06/2017
Hynes D, Greenstone L, Mengeling M, Vanneman M (2017). VA Community Care [Podcast]. Washington, D.C.: VA HSR&D. Available: 07/31/2017
Utah Awarded $4m grant as one of 4 AHA Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease Network 07/17/2017
VA HSR&D Podcasts- The Veterans Choice Act 06/22/2017
The Future of VA Community Care - Questions and Discussion 06/22/2017
The Future of VA Community Care 06/22/2017
HSR&D/QUERI National Meeting Live Stream Archive 06/22/2017
Love learned through trial with child's severe disability 04/08/2017
What You Need to Know: Colon Cancer Awareness Month 03/09/2017
Lehi man looks to make most of future after double lung transplant 02/19/2017
Mom's Intuition Leads to Rare Diagnosis 02/01/2017
Big Fluctuations in Blood Pressure Signal a Higher Stroke Risk in Well-Controlled Hypertensives 01/24/2017
Dr. Adam de Havenon 01/24/2017
New study says giving babies food with peanuts may prevent allergy later in life 01/05/2017
Adventure Junkie Turns to Ortho Specialist to Keep Active Lifestyle 01/01/2017
University of Utah Addiction Medicine Fellowship 12/29/2016
Xenoscope makes laparoscopies more accessible for patients in developing countries. 10/11/2016
Liver Transplant Heals a Body & a Relationship 09/06/2016
Burn Camp Helps Young Vicitms 08/25/2016
Young Burn Survivors Head to Camp 08/25/2016
Be Well Utah: Allergy testing 08/22/2016
Utah Hospital first in the US to explore X-ray system's potential 07/15/2016
Utah Ulster Project helps build harmony between Catholics, Protestants 07/01/2016
SNMMI Elects Satoshi Minoshima, MD, PhD, as Vice President-Elect During 2016 Annual Meeting 06/15/2016
11 Important Habits That Keep Your Eyes Healthy 05/09/2016
Man Donates Kidney to Teen With Special Needs 05/09/2016
What's That Eye Gunk You Wake Up With? 05/03/2016
Cannabis catch-22: Utah research on medical pot hamstrung by drug’s federal status 02/28/2016
Son donates to father as University of Utah performs their first live-donor liver transplant 02/28/2016
Op-ed: End-of-life bill is about honoring dying patients’ wishes, not a ‘right to kill’ 02/27/2016
How to Prevent Injury During Skiing Vacations 02/26/2016
Obama: Precision Medicine Initiative is First Step to Revolutionizing Medicine 02/25/2016
To raise smart kids, restrict video gaming at home 02/23/2016
Comprehensive sex education gets early opposition from lawmakers 02/23/2016
Nanoparticle antioxidants offer potential Alzheimer’s therapy 02/23/2016
Free health fair helps dental students and low-income Utahns 02/23/2016
Why Pertussis Is Making a Comeback 02/22/2016
HPV Cases Have Dropped Dramatically Since Vaccine Was Introduced 02/19/2016
Doctors at University Hospital perform their first living donor liver transplant 02/19/2016
Biden to visit Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute next week as push for cure intensifies 02/18/2016
Mysteries of the Zika Virus Stump Even the Experts 02/18/2016
My view: HB18 risks the future of treatment for Utah's mentally ill 02/18/2016
Quality improvement project cuts unnecessary laboratory tests 02/18/2016
Health care in America: cancer, coverage and costs 02/17/2016
Study suggests many caregivers not taking care of themselves 02/17/2016
Marijuana resolution asks Congress for drug reclassification for research 02/17/2016
#Fiveforthefight social campaign kicks off to raise money, awareness for cancer research 02/17/2016
First ever living donor liver transplant at University Hospital could save thousands of lives 02/17/2016
Early risk period seen for survivors of cardiogenic shock 02/16/2016
Study finds Canada’s approach to stroke care is saving lives 02/16/2016
Nearly 17 million U.S. adults may benefit from lowering systolic blood pressure goal 02/16/2016
Utah health officials caution pregnant travelers to beware of Zika virus 02/11/2016
Cheerleaders for Medicaid expansion ask Utah lawmakers to consider implications 02/11/2016
How does poor air quality impact the average person's health? 02/11/2016
New initiative tackles addiction 02/11/2016
Dementia Dropping, But Will the Trend Continue? 02/11/2016
Utah based company developing a test to detect Zika Virus 02/10/2016
Stroke Rounds: Integrated Systems of Care Save Lives 02/10/2016
Plotting pollution: Researchers use TRAX to monitor air quality around Salt Lake valley 02/10/2016
New hospital software system cut down on unnecessary lab tests 02/10/2016
Could the federal government as customer reduce vaccine shortages? 02/09/2016
Hospice Patients Not Always Seen During Last Days 02/08/2016
Spread of Zika virus prompting Utah researchers to find treatment 02/05/2016
Hypertensive diseases can cut short women's lives 02/02/2016
UK fertility regulator approves research project to gene-edit human embryos 02/01/2016
Hypertensive diseases can cut short women's lives 02/01/2016
Utah health experts address fears over Zika virus 02/01/2016
U Provides Experience for Pre-med Native American Students 02/01/2016
Behind today's confusing mammogram screening guidelines 01/31/2016
Lawmakers seek to 'save lives' by targeting opioid epidemic 01/31/2016
Trial of new sclerosis drug pioneered by U. doctor 01/31/2016
A wacky conspiracy is circulating about Zika and GMOs — and it needs to stop 01/30/2016
WHO Offers New Plan to Limit Drug Shortages 01/29/2016
CMV Is a Greater Threat to Infants Than Zika, but Far Less Often Discussed 01/29/2016
Cruises, airlines send travel alerts for Zika virus 01/28/2016
Experts recommend depression screening for pregnant women, new moms 01/26/2016
They Say to Reach for the Moon. So Once You Reach It, What’s Next? 01/25/2016
Brain tethers may target early damage from concussions 01/25/2016
Drug shortages in American ERs have increased more than 400 percent 01/25/2016
The battle over CRISPR could make or break some biotech companies 01/25/2016
U.S. Lags Behind Other Countries In Reducing Stillbirths 01/22/2016
Memorial Hospital celebrates Huntsman Cancer Institution affiliation 01/22/2016
New statewide crisis line puts help in the palm of Utah students’ hands 01/20/2016
Low blood levels of bicarbonate linked to earlier death in healthy older adults 01/20/2016
Logan mother fighting for her life after rare disease diagnosis 01/20/2016
Drug shortages in emergency rooms rising 01/18/2016
Posting doc-patient reviews pays off 01/16/2016
What you don't know about the HPV vaccine may hurt you 01/15/2016
Study: NFL's West Coast offenses put players at higher risk 01/15/2016
Find out why winter is the best time to repair damaged skin 01/14/2016
Ringling circus to retire its elephants in May 01/11/2016
Could a hike a day keep the doctor away? 01/08/2016
Running a risk: Is it safe to exercise outside during a Utah inversion? 01/04/2016
U. professor trying to measure nutrition level of groceries 01/01/2016
Two's company: Twin birth rate reaches all-time high in U.S., Utah 12/29/2015
Celebrating the University of Utah’s first female OB-GYN, 9,000 babies later 12/27/2015
Why CRISPR-Cas9 is being hailed as the scientific "Breakthrough of the Year" 12/20/2015
A day in the life of an early career professional 12/18/2015
Prices for many generic drugs rising faster than inflation 12/17/2015
‘Miraculous’ outcome at Utah hospital highlights rare but serious risk of C-section 12/17/2015
Roughly half of Army Veterans use VA once they are eligible 12/16/2015
Senators condemn big price increases for drugs 12/09/2015
Doctors, hospitals condemn out-of-control drug prices as Senate investigation begins 12/09/2015
Lawmakers looking to restore dental benefits to Utah's disabled, blind 12/03/2015
What rules should we have for genetically editing humans 12/03/2015
Children of obese men may inherit obesity, study shows 12/03/2015
Books that changed my mind 11/15/2015
Data on Benefits of Lower Blood Pressure Brings Clarity for Doctors and Patients 11/09/2015
Bad air can literally cause a heart attack 11/08/2015
In 5 minutes, he lets the blind see 11/07/2015
Teaching employees about hospital costs 11/06/2015
Senators Urge FTC Investigation of Saline Shortage 11/03/2015
Is high school football too dangerous? 11/02/2015
Mario Capecchi, Vivian Lee Awarded with Membership in National Academy of Medicine 10/29/2015
Senators want FTC to investigate saline shortage 10/27/2015
Senators ask FTC to investigate saline suppliers over shortages and pricing 10/27/2015
Surmounting shortages: GPOs work creatively with manufacturers to avert drug shortfalls 10/24/2015
LOTOJA stroke survivor returns and finishes race from the place he went down 10/16/2015
The Younger You: Breast Cancer Awareness 10/15/2015
Your stressful job may kill you -- especially if you're a woman, study says 10/14/2015
High-dose flu vax cuts seniors' risk for hospital stay 10/12/2015
Elephants: Large, Long-Living and Less Prone to Cancer OCT. 8, 2015 10/08/2015
NFL football star Drew Brees donates wheelchair to Utah man on Ellen 10/01/2015
Dixie State, University of Utah partner in bringing physician assistant program to Southern Utah 09/30/2015
U. researchers to study triggers for pediatric asthma, pollution link 09/28/2015
After Living in Silence for Most of Their Lives, Three Utah Sisters Can Now Hear Thanks to Life-Changing Surgery 09/14/2015
University of Utah helped feds decide new high blood pressure guidelines 09/12/2015
As Utah suicide rates climb, experts tell educators to watch for signs of despair in children 09/11/2015
Sinus Surgery May Ease Sleep Apnoea 09/11/2015
Sinus Surgery May Also Ease Sleep Apnea 09/10/2015
Sinus Surgery May Also Ease Sleep Apnea 09/10/2015
Sen. Hatch Gets Update on Utah's Advances in Precision Medicine 09/03/2015
Cochlear Implants Changing Lives of 3 Utah Sisters 08/31/2015
Progress made on drug shortages although manufacturing issues persist 08/28/2015
U. welcomes first expanded class of medical students 08/28/2015
Nature, Nurture, Sexuality, & Gender 08/25/2015
Rand Paul leaves the campaign trail for eye surgeries in Haiti 08/14/2015
Pelvic pain may be common among reproductive-age women, study finds 08/12/2015
U. dental school to care for substance abusers 08/06/2015
Parents, children in big families get sick more often 08/06/2015
Improving the quality of life for Alzheimer's patients through early diagnosis 08/05/2015
At the University of Utah, Taking Prenatal Monitoring Out of the Hospital 08/04/2015
U of U researchers warn against overusing antibiotics 08/03/2015
Doctors to be given star ratings on UPMC site Read more: Follow us: @triblive on Twitter | triblive on Facebook 08/03/2015
One to Watch: Jeff Pettey, MD 08/01/2015
Parents’ Genes Vie to Influence Offsprings’ Brain, Behavior 07/31/2015
Utahns admit marijuana use to encourage lawmakers to budge on legalization 07/30/2015
In our opinion: Saluting milestones for Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah Hospital 07/24/2015
Rising prescription drug costs a growing concern 07/23/2015
Doctors May Play Big Role in Antibiotic Overuse: Study 07/20/2015
Expert talks about short-term risks of taking Ibprofen, similar drugs 07/13/2015
Huntsman, UNM Cancer Center, and UT Southwestern Receive NCI Comprehensive Designations 07/11/2015
University Hospital celebrates 50 years of service 07/11/2015
Huntsman Cancer Institute earns elite status 07/10/2015
We'll need 1 million new nurses by 2020 07/07/2015
Fundraiser inspires kinship of children with same rare condition 07/07/2015
Don't Get Your Kids' Genes Sequenced Just To Keep Up 07/02/2015
Pharmacist-led diabetes collaborative improves care, costs 06/22/2015
U. cancer institute to get $10M boost from Huntsman’s fraternity 06/19/2015
Using Same Hospital for Complications After Surgery Lowers Death Risk: Study 06/18/2015
AirMed pilot concerned after drone sighting at hospital helipad 06/15/2015
Public safety officials team up for suicide prevention effort 06/12/2015
Hospital or Hotel, OSHA Standard on Infectious Materials Applies 06/12/2015
Skin cancer immunotherapy is game-changer in surviving melanoma, doctors say 06/11/2015
Summer Ozone Season Heats Up 06/10/2015
Dad Injuries: How to Prevent and Treat Them 06/08/2015
Genomics England Selects University of Utah and Omicia Technology for 100,000 Genomes Project 06/06/2015
These Photos Show The Problem With Excess Skin After Extreme Weight Loss 06/05/2015
How hospitals hope to boost ratings on Yelp, HealthGrades, ZocDoc and Vitals 06/03/2015
U.S. Drug Shortages Frustrate Doctors, Patients 05/31/2015
University of Utah med school dean says medical research at risk 05/28/2015
Fire Department hosts 5K fun run; proceeds benefit burn survivors 05/27/2015
U of U School of Medicine discusses growth as class of 2015 takes the stage 05/23/2015
Can Your Eyes Get Sunburned? 05/23/2015
Memorial honors those who donate bodies to medical science 05/22/2015
New hospital ratings evaluate delivery of “typical care” 05/20/2015
U. biochemist wins top national research post 05/19/2015
House calls can deliver better health care 05/15/2015
Odd genetic syndrome suggests increased blood vessel resistance could cause hypertension 05/12/2015
Helicopter pilot highlights Clearfield school's career day 05/09/2015
Worldwide autism experts to meet in Utah 05/09/2015
Radon Causes 100 Lung Cancer Deaths in Utah Each Year 05/08/2015
A Two-Minute Walk Every Hour Is Your Ticket to Living Longer 05/04/2015
U Study Could Change Standard of Care for Children After Cardiac Arrest 05/02/2015
Pharmaceutical Companies Buy Rivals’ Drugs, Then Jack Up the Prices 05/01/2015
U. researchers’ mathematical models could provide better ovarian cancer treatment, outcomes 04/16/2015
Adults with autism finding path to independence 04/14/2015
New implant allows heart patients to receive at-home treatment 04/13/2015
U. academic dental school opens 04/09/2015
U of U study indicates Utah’s high altitude linked to low rate of ADHD 04/03/2015
Behind Each Breath, an Underappreciated Muscle 04/02/2015
3-D printing gives 4-year-old boy new ear 03/28/2015
Diabetes, previous joint pain and overall physical health predicts arthritis pain 03/27/2015
Are anti-depression drugs as effective in Utah's high altitude? 03/27/2015
With Healthy Utah stalled, lives still hang in the balance 03/26/2015
Health Feed: Measles Outbreak Alert 03/23/2015
Yoga helps Salt Lake woman heal after devastating crash 03/21/2015
Medical students learn residency locations during ‘Match Day’ 03/20/2015
Zions Bancorporation Elects Vivian Lee And Suren Gupta To Its Board Of Directors 03/19/2015
Utah professor urges caution in altering DNA of unborn babies 03/19/2015
Doctor ratings empower and educate University of Utah patients 03/17/2015
Where Men can get 5 medical tests in 1 visit 03/17/2015
U. Health Science programs recognized for excellence 03/10/2015
John Florez: Lawmakers are losing moral ground 03/10/2015
New U. health center prepares to open doors in Murray 02/28/2015
Becky Lockhart remembered on Rare Disease Day at Capitol 02/28/2015
Largest study of its kind documents causes of childhood community-acquired pneumonia 02/27/2015
My view: Healthy Utah means improving access to care 02/25/2015
AirMed helicopter sets up base in Davis County 02/23/2015
Dr. John Ryan: How cardio helps our hearts 02/18/2015
Can you really die of a broken heart? 02/18/2015
Utah doctors perform novel heart procedure to save a life 02/17/2015
Shape-wear can do real damage to your body 02/16/2015
Do Pacific Islanders Really Have a Disadvantage in Heart Health? 02/09/2015
Inducing labor does not increase autism risk, study finds 02/07/2015
Medical students at U. of U. hope to fill physician shortage 02/06/2015
Jazz Encourage Local Youth to Live Healthy 02/06/2015
Cell mechanism discovered that may cause pancreatic cancer 01/28/2015
Lawmakers consider Medicaid expansion, health care options for Utah's uninsured 01/26/2015
Hypothermia during surgery can affect recovery 01/23/2015
Inflammatory Bowel Disease 'Cured' With Fecal Transplant 01/23/2015
Man in his 90s keeps playing piano for fellow patients in Salt Lake City 01/22/2015
One acronym that's totally transforming health care 01/22/2015
Health Care the 'Utah Way' 01/13/2015
About Utah: A life story about receiving — and giving 01/12/2015
U. of Utah research increasingly runs on corporate dollars 01/11/2015
Distant family history an effective predictor of prostate cancer, study says 01/10/2015
Out-of-hospital births increasingly popular among Utah women 01/09/2015
Scientists seek religious experience – in subjects' brains 01/07/2015
U. researchers study effects of creatine on teens dealing with depression 01/05/2015
Pregnant passenger in labor diverts flight 01/02/2015
Tiny transplant: A special Christmas for toddler saved by record-setting surgery 01/02/2015
Families gather to celebrate anniversary of 'donation chain' 01/01/2015
Science Graphic of the Week: Scientists Discover the First Protein That Can Edit Other Proteins 01/01/2015
Check Your Health: App for young cancer patients 12/31/2014
Female meth users at higher risk of Parkinson’s, U. study suggests 12/23/2014
Utah man gives early Christmas gift to Idaho teen with failing kidney 12/20/2014
Skiing vs Snowboarding: Different Sports With Different Injuries 12/18/2014
Impossible? Can researchers develop 100 drugs in ten years? 12/17/2014
Utah daughter gives mom new liver 12/16/2014
Know the signs of carpal tunnel 12/16/2014
Music gives hope to those caring for the elderly 12/13/2014
The Long War Against the Iron Pirates 12/11/2014
Utah Jazz Announce Exclusive Partnership with University of Utah Health Care 12/10/2014
Smartphones can be a pain in the neck 12/10/2014
Herbert: Turning a blind eye, doing nothing is not the Utah way; details Healthy Utah pilot program 12/05/2014
Point of Contention: The Debate Over Morcellation 12/04/2014
Counseling on reproduction, contraception essential in treatment of women with IBD 12/04/2014
As Ebola Scare Dies Down, Infectious Disease Prep Wanes 12/01/2014
University Hospital opens hotel for patients, their families 11/29/2014
Plane Crash Victim Finds Home Away From Home 11/28/2014
?He never ruins today by worrying about tomorrow,? mom says of teen with cancer 11/22/2014
There's a Suicide Epidemic in Utah ? And One Neuroscientist Thinks He Knows Why 11/20/2014
Photo Release -- Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Announces the Addition of Vivian S. Lee, Dean of University of Utah School of Medicine, to Its Board of Directors 11/19/2014
Racial disparities in ear infection treatment may contribute to antibiotic overuse 11/17/2014
Give up sugar, Olympic medalist tells Utahns 11/16/2014
As Ebola scare dies down in U.S., infectious disease preparations wane 11/15/2014
Billionaire: I want to be broke by the time I die 11/14/2014
Funding cuts take a toll on research at the University of Utah 11/13/2014
Health experts give tips on CO poisoning prevention 11/11/2014
5 Examples of Great Health Care Management 11/10/2014
Utah docs, hospitals reap millions from makers of drugs, devices 11/06/2014
Hospital CIOs dealing with ¿intense¿ landscape 11/06/2014
Once a C-Section, Not Always a C-Section 11/04/2014
Choosing the Least Worst Death 11/04/2014
Press Ganey Honors Top-Performers at 2014 National Client Conference 11/03/2014
4 Foods That May Shorten Your Life 11/02/2014
100 physician leaders of hospital and health systems | 2014 11/01/2014
Software Assesses Care Costs, Improves Quality 10/31/2014
Utah families, researchers play role in discovery of genes linked to autism 10/31/2014
University of Utah Health Care Best in Class Five Years Running 10/29/2014
Utah facility gets $1M to study breast cancer 10/24/2014
University of Utah Health Care Ranks Among Best U.S. Academic Medical Centers Again 10/23/2014
Is removing your child¿s tonsils a good idea? 10/22/2014
World's smallest liver-kidney transplant saves toddler's life 10/22/2014
Healthcare Heroes- Quiet Champions of Hope 10/18/2014
Utah researchers looking for less invasive ways to detect cancer 10/17/2014
Gift of Hope: Doctor discusses transplant that saved his life 10/16/2014
Value Driven Outcomes (VDO): a pragmatic, modular, and extensible software framework for understanding and improving health care costs and outcomes 10/16/2014
School of Public Health Alumna Examines Decentralized California Health Care in Dissertation 10/15/2014
Report: Physicians tighten belts when they see prices 10/09/2014
Utah researchers discover treatment path for all strains of Ebola virus 10/08/2014
Genentech Sales Reps Face Hospital Bans Over a Wholesale Change 10/05/2014
Dangerous Drug Shortages 10/04/2014
Given Choice, Parents Pick Cheaper Medical Procedure for Children 10/01/2014
Antibiotic Use Before Age 2 Might Raise Obesity Risk, Study Says 09/29/2014
Mouse model provides window into working brain 09/28/2014
Doctor house calls no longer a thing of the past for one Utah community 09/26/2014
University of Utah Health Sciences Study: Parents Opt for Less Expensive Procedure 09/23/2014
Health Researchers Will Get $10.1 Million to Counter Gender Bias in Studies 09/23/2014
Op-ed: Restore NIH funding so it can save more Utahns¿ lives 09/19/2014
Collaboration Will Define Healthcare's Future: A Recap of Stanford Medicine X 2014 09/17/2014
Press Ganey Report Identifies Best Practice Strategies for Patient Experience Transparency 09/15/2014
Outbreaks: Enterovirus, Ebola, and Mumps 09/12/2014
Top 25 Master¿s in Healthcare Informatics Degrees Ranked by Affordability 2014 09/12/2014
Snapshots of Life: Behold the Beauty of the Eye 09/11/2014
Utah youth with muscular dystrophy gets his wish: a helicopter ride 08/28/2014
The skinny on losing fat 08/27/2014
My view: Now is the time to invest in NIH 08/25/2014
Know the Signs of a Concussion 08/23/2014
New mouse model to open door to research on epilepsy, Alzheimer's 08/22/2014
Rand Paul restores eyesight to those in need 08/19/2014
8,000-year-old mutation key to human life at high altitudes: Study identifies genetic basis for Tibetan adaptation 08/17/2014
8,000-year-old genetic mystery in Tibet solved by Utah study 08/17/2014
Healthy food, lifestyles promoted at Be Well Utah fair 08/16/2014
Be Well Utah: Preventing cancer with the Huntsman Cancer Institute 08/14/2014
Scavenger hunt on for defibrillators in Salt Lake City 08/04/2014
Exactly How Much DOES That Appendectomy Cost? 08/01/2014
Utah hepatitis C patient gets kidney with same virus 07/31/2014
Measure Success With Patient Surveys, Reality-Based Cost Data 07/29/2014
Stroke Rounds: Dementia Drug for Stroke Recovery? 07/25/2014
DocAdvisor 07/25/2014
Study Finds Flaws in New Treatment For Blood Clots 07/23/2014
University of Utah launches new perinatal air ambulance 07/18/2014
Kids and Hot Cars Don¿t Mix 07/14/2014
Hospitals Cut Costs With Data Tracking 07/08/2014
GOP presidential contender Rand Paul to join U. eye center medical mission 07/03/2014
Utah hospital¿s ¿perfect care¿ standards trim $2.5 million in fat from budget 07/01/2014
Serious reactions to childhood vaccines are rare, study says 07/01/2014
Shortage Of Saline Solution Has Hospitals On Edge 06/26/2014
Brain injury in veterans tied to higher Alzheimer's risk 06/26/2014
Utah hospitals try the unthinkable: Get a grip on costs 06/25/2014
Eye care myths debunked by expert 06/24/2014
Chemicals mixed into pools can cause burns, experts say 06/23/2014
Frequent Hospital Visits For Childhood Cancer Survivors 06/19/2014
Alpinist Jeff Lowe part of Utah film on undiagnosed disease 06/18/2014
Natural gene therapy may lead to future of healthier hearts 06/18/2014
USTAR Chemical Biologist Is Developing Tactics to Outsmart Diabetes 06/18/2014
HSR&D Investigators Recognized at AcademyHealth 06/12/2014
Were Ancient Humans Built for Boxing? 06/12/2014
Fight over fighting's role in evolution enters round two 06/11/2014
Huntsman Cancer Institute begins work on $105 million research wing 06/06/2014
Epilepsy Foundation Presents Lifetime Accelerator Award to H. Steven White, Ph.D., for Contributions to the Field of Epilepsy and Seizures 06/02/2014
Reduced kidney function associated with higher risk of renal, urothelial cancer 05/29/2014
Op-ed: Restored funds for CPR training may keep your heart beating someday 05/26/2014
FDA warns consumers about claims regarding autism treatments 05/12/2014
New partnership coming to Community Hospital 05/09/2014
Moran Eye Center CEO Randall Olson receives U.'s Rosenblatt Prize 05/07/2014
University Hospital - 100 Great Hospitals in America | 2014 05/05/2014
Op ed: Fourth Street Clinic makes me proud to be a Utahn 04/28/2014
Health care systems preparing to adapt University of Utah Health Care's online physician reviews 04/26/2014
More women opt to give birth at home, study says 04/12/2014
Utah tracking shows persistent drug shortages nationwide 04/10/2014
Why Do Some People Become Alcoholics but Not Others? Blame the Brain 04/09/2014
Utah research: suicides more frequent during pollution spikes 04/08/2014
Media, mental health professionals discuss working together on suicide prevention 04/07/2014
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Flu Vaccine Cuts Serious Illness in Children 03/31/2014
BYU graduate cured of diabetes after kidney and pancreas transplant at University of Utah 03/30/2014
Becker's Hospital Review Names 100 Hospital and Health System CMOs to Know 03/26/2014
University of Utah study shows progress in treating chronic urinary tract infections 03/25/2014
Event provides free eye care for those in need 03/24/2014
U of U Hospital Doctor Implants New Wireless Heart Monitor, A Regional First 03/21/2014
Colonoscopies miss 6 percent of cancers, Utah research finds 03/20/2014
Loss of Antioxidant Protein Represses Regeneration of Muscle Lost from Aging 03/09/2014
Partnership with drug company good chemistry, says eye center 02/25/2014
Building a better mouse model to understand pancreatic cancer 02/23/2014
Utah lawmaker promises fight against e-cigarettes 01/27/2014
How does Utah¿s bad air hurt our health? 01/27/2014
University of Utah to Review Sperm Bank Mix-Up 01/24/2014
Time to Talk About Women's Heart Health 01/21/2014
S. Sudan: US doctors try to heal ethnic fractures 01/09/2014
Did pre-natal exposure to Utah air pollution affect kids¿ health? 01/08/2014
University of Utah Announces Grants for Study of Air Pollution 01/07/2014
University of Utah doctor uses music as powerful medicine 01/07/2014
Fremont man becomes first Utahn to get a tiny eye telescope 12/30/2013
University of Utah data tool clears up health care cost image 12/10/2013
Op-ed: Utah should expand Medicaid for a lot of reasons 12/09/2013
Rapid Testing To Diagnose Influenza Leads To More Appropriate Care In The ED 11/18/2013
From Utah, a case study in brand journalism 11/15/2013
University of Utah dental school on its way, despite saturated Utah market 11/12/2013
Jon Huntsman Sr.¿s Early Calling to Philanthropy 11/11/2013
FDA takes steps toward banning trans fats 11/10/2013
Op-ed: NFL lawsuit brings head injuries to light 11/09/2013
Huntsmans donate to cancer center expansion 11/01/2013
A Life or Death Situation 07/22/2013
20 Hospital and Health System Leaders to Follow on Twitter 07/19/2013
Utah man's search for kidney ends in successful transplant 05/13/2013
Ambulances get speed, safety boost with new system 05/13/2013
Utah tops at getting clot-busting drugs to stroke patients 05/03/2013
Utah Graduate School Programs Make Big Gains in U.S. News Rankings 03/14/2013
'Perfect storm' of events helped save life of woman buried in weekend avalanche 01/17/2013
Mice Study Indicates Cholesterol Drug Might Help Treat Serious Malaria Cases 12/27/2012
Hogle Zoo monkey infection free, thanks to university doctors 12/19/2012
Powerful new weapon in treating cancer: HIV virus 12/12/2012
Joseph Cramer, M.D.: Practicing can lead to the ability to paying better attention 12/11/2012
U. becomes 1st to post patient satisfaction surveys on its healthcare website 12/11/2012
Utah has new treatment for brain aneurysms: No surgery needed 12/08/2012
Microscopic spheres kill metastatic breast cancer 12/08/2012
University of Utah offers help with grief during the holidays 11/26/2012
Financial burden of Alzheimer's disease is hitting home 11/24/2012
Rate of premature births in Utah down in 2012 11/17/2012
Flu during pregnancy linked to autism in children 11/15/2012
Diagnosed with lung cancer, non-smoker looks for cause 11/14/2012
Utah hospital lobby says ¿no¿ to Medicaid expansion, for now 11/12/2012
Discovery shows medications can treat inflammation without increasing risk for infection 11/12/2012
New medical schools- osteopathic and traditional- headed to Utah? 11/11/2012
Pertussis outbreak can be blamed on low vaccination rates 10/13/2012
University of Utah installs new imaging equipment beneficial for stroke care 10/03/2012
Dealing with mental instability: Help is available 10/01/2012
Listening Carefully to Voice Changes 09/29/2012
How to bounce back better 09/26/2012
Video Game Helps Empower Kids with Cancer 09/21/2012
Delivering a new breed of doctor 09/15/2012
Utah doctors, nurses go global to teach, heal and learn 09/10/2012
Would Judge Give Psychopath With Genetic Defect Lighter Sentence? 09/04/2012
Study of Judges Finds Evidence From Brain Scans Led to Lighter Sentences 09/04/2012
Kinesio tape plasters Olympians, but not all the science sticks 08/09/2012
U. of U. scientists discovering new, incredible effects of creatine 08/08/2012
Photos: Camp creates fun for burn victims 08/06/2012
Rise in child abuse tied to housing crisis 07/28/2012
Assessing Preterm Birth Risk In First-Time Moms Still Unclear After Study 07/26/2012
Utah ophthalmologist helps Nepal clinic fight blindness 07/23/2012
U. course builds community, understanding through the culture of food 07/11/2012
Early moves in hospital can help keep Utah, nation's moms breast-feeding 06/04/2012
FDA delays new sunscreen packaging regulations 05/30/2012
Are voice disorders a hidden threat? 05/28/2012
Rattlesnakes out early due to mild winter 05/25/2012
High blood pressure? Sleep apnea mask might help 05/23/2012
Amid Rise in U.S. Measles Cases, High School Parents Divided on Vaccinations 05/16/2012
Clinical trials critical to medicine, patient health, doctors say 05/14/2012
Does everyone with chest pain need a stress test? 05/10/2012
Study: More Pre-Teens Get Vaccines When Middle Schools Require Them 05/08/2012
Who has Utah patients' health data, and is it secure? 05/07/2012
U. of Utah Rosenblatt prize goes to husband-wife medical professors 05/04/2012
Are increases in autism rates in Utah, U.S. truly real? 04/30/2012
Scoliosis Treatment Might Reduce Need for Surgeries 04/21/2012
University of Utah's biotech building ready for research 04/19/2012
Man grateful to be alive after doctors at the U. performed a transplant first 04/12/2012
Utah students draw for skin cancer awareness 04/11/2012
University of Utah to launch School of Dentistry in fall 2013 04/10/2012
Recovery focus coming to Salt Lake County's mentally ill 04/02/2012
Utah researchers probe link between illness and muscle wasting 03/30/2012
1 in 47 Utah children has autism, new estimates say 03/30/2012
Controversial revamp of U.S. children¿s health study hits Utah 03/26/2012
Utah booths educate about poison dangers in the home 03/23/2012
Match Day: Utah medical students aim for primary care 03/16/2012
Salt Lake County launches mobile units to help with mental health emergencies 03/13/2012
Fixes help Utah, nation get cancer meds in short supply 03/13/2012
Utahns at high risk of lung cancer can be screened early 03/12/2012
Utahns with untreated dental problems turning up in ERs 03/06/2012
Contagious' brain disorder not just for the masses anymore 03/02/2012
New CEO of University of Utah Health Care aims to make a real difference in the challenges patients, doctors face 02/28/2012
How will I die: A good life, a young death? 02/28/2012
Ogden family at center of ethics debate in genetics research 02/27/2012
How will I die: Finding hope in hospice 02/26/2012
Santorum: Prenatal tests lead to abortion (not in Utah) 02/23/2012
Despite data, Lyme disease sufferers say infection has arrived in Utah 02/17/2012
Latest Drug Shortage Threatens Children With Leukemia 02/16/2012
Should Utah cancer doctors be able to dispense drugs? 02/06/2012
Where's the baby? Utah births still declining. 01/31/2012
Dogs, handlers train to save avalanche victims along Wasatch Front 01/27/2012
Facial Plastic Surgery Changes Lives 01/25/2012
South Jordan welcomes new health care facility 01/23/2012
The (Non) Law of Drug Shortages 01/20/2012
University of Utah unites with more than 100 med schools to help vets 01/11/2012
Weight-Loss Surgery Linked With Lower Heart Attack Risk 01/09/2012
Fewer heart attacks after weight-loss surgery: study 01/05/2012
Really? The Claim: Listening to Music Can Relieve Pain 01/04/2012
Report of hospitals statewide helps patients find appropriate care 01/03/2012
University of Utah's new health science chief has high hopes for flagship's future 01/02/2012
Most common causes and risks for stillbirth 01/02/2012
Two new books by Utah writers explore words that heal 12/21/2011
Unsettling season: Noisy, bright, busy holidays are challenge for families of children with autism 12/18/2011
Photos: AirMed celebrates full-time service in southern Utah County 12/16/2011
What Causes Stillbirth? 12/15/2011
Bountiful woman finally gets kidney transplant thanks to daisy chain 12/14/2011
Surgeons use Utah-developed bloodless scalpel for first time 12/13/2011
Annual physical exam is still a good idea 12/13/2011
Get Lots Of Cold Sores? Your Genes Might Be To Blame 12/09/2011
More supplement makers spending big money on rigorous research 12/03/2011
Scientists find a gene that may influence short sleep times 11/29/2011
Words for comfort: Books helping patients during their fight against cancer 11/27/2011
Surgery helps Salt Lake mother restore hearing lost during pregnancy 11/18/2011
Lawmakers briefed on plan targeting prevalence of Alzheimer's disease 11/17/2011
BYU-U. research key in premature birth prevention test 11/16/2011
Antibiotics overprescribed for children: study 11/08/2011
U. receives major grant to explore causes of Down syndrome 11/01/2011
Wood pulp found in many processed food 10/31/2011
Flu Shot Could Be Better, But For Now It's The Best We've Got 10/26/2011
Huntsman Cancer Institute's latest expansion is evidence of hope that a cure will be found 10/26/2011
The Cost Effectiveness of Telestroke in the Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke 10/25/2011
Utah technique could one day predict aggressive breast cancer 10/24/2011
KUED to feature follow-up documentary on 1994 film that profiles breast cancer in varying stages 10/21/2011
Utahns think about suicide more than other Americans, study shows 10/21/2011
Utah study: Gastric bypass for obese may put diabetes in remission 10/20/2011
U.S. reaches milestone of 100 million organ donors 10/14/2011
U partnership to target autism 10/06/2011
Utah's "comfort care", gets a C from palliative care advocates 10/05/2011
U. scientist honored by Obama for work on cancers 09/27/2011
Heart surgery improves life of Utah man 09/24/2011
Plastic surgeon silencing bullies 2 ears at a time 09/23/2011
Rare disease leaves burn-like injuries 09/21/2011
MRI on rails opening new doors for brain tumor patients 09/14/2011
A journey through the brain: Artist uses neuroscience in her work 09/14/2011
Doctors to perform free surgeries as part of Operation Walk 08/31/2011
Utah hospitals feeling pinch of national drug shortage 08/30/2011
U of U study: 'Hitchhiking' gene plays important role in Crohn's disease 08/17/2011
Utah burn survivors gain confidence to move on 08/07/2011
Eight things to help little ones sleep through the night 08/03/2011
2 Utah hospitals land among the nation's best in annual ranking 07/21/2011
Electrical stimulation puts bounce back in step after stroke 07/11/2011
Feeling better? Say thanks to the fruit fly, the zebrafish, the mouse 07/04/2011
Utah researchers find mutation that kills baby boys 06/24/2011
Utah rolls out first statewide health information exchange, seeking patient consent 06/16/2011
Study says ovarian cancer screening not useful 06/14/2011
Should babies be screened for untreatable diseases? 06/02/2011
Donation helps those in medical field contemplate life 05/30/2011
More Women 50 and Older Landing in ERs for Drug-Related Suicide Attempts 05/20/2011
A Blood Test to Predict Premature Birth Could Hit the Market Next Year 05/16/2011
Study Finds No Link Between XMRV Virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 05/12/2011
Zebrafish Models Identify High-Risk Genetic Features in Leukemia Patients 05/10/2011
05-10-2011 ADHD Drug Shortages Lead to Hunt for Options 05/10/2011
First-time moms participate in national study that aims to prevent complications 05/05/2011
First time pregnant women sought for health study 05/05/2011
Teen suffering from scoliosis makes remarkable recovery following surgery 05/04/2011
Federal grant helps rural Utahns through extended health-care maze 05/03/2011
Shortages of key drugs endanger patients 05/02/2011
Doctor's New Advice for Joint Pain: Get Moving 04/18/2011
How much water should you be drinking? 04/11/2011
U Patients Get On-the-Go Access to Medical Records 03/10/2011
Back Pain May Be Inherited 02/04/2011
Drug shortages trigger health care worries, rationing 02/04/2011
Treating Chronic Pain and Managing the Bills 02/04/2011
Volunteers Help Elderly Patients at University Hospital Stay Grounded 01/24/2011
F.D.A. Sees Promise in Alzheimer's Imaging Test 01/20/2011
The Ethics of Genetic Tests for Would-be Parents 01/14/2011
Genetic Testing for Melanoma May Spark Better Prevention 01/05/2011
Humidifiers May Not Do Stuffy-Nosed Kids Much Good 01/05/2011
U. Nursing's biggest grant ever will help caregivers 12/08/2010
Researchers one step closer to potential autism test 12/02/2010
Natural substances treat depression 11/29/2010
Stem Cell Spray Heals Burns 11/26/2010
U Surgeon Heals Physical and Emotional Damage of Abuse Victims 11/04/2010
Life-size "Patients" Provide Valuable Experience to U Nursing Students 11/03/2010
U Health System Best in U.S. According to Medical Group 10/06/2010
Teen Injured in Fire Shares Tale to Help Others 10/05/2010
U Set to Simplify Patient Billings 09/16/2010
Barefoot Running: 5 Ways to Do It Right 09/08/2010
Utah Mother Experiences Benefits of New Hybrid OR 08/10/2010
U Breaks Ground on New South Jordan Health Center 07/27/2010
5 Ways Scientists Are Hacking the Brain to Cure Disease, Improve Memory & Increase Libido 06/28/2010
Utah singer repairing voice, confidence after accident 06/21/2010
University patients get online access to records 06/15/2010
Medicinal Marijuana: A Patient-Driven Phenomenon 06/14/2010
Buckling so easy a child can do it 06/01/2010
Rodent of the Week: A link between the immune system and mental illness 05/28/2010
DNA clue to life at high altitude 05/13/2010
Will injections for Kirilenko hasten recovery? 04/23/2010
03-18-10 KSL Match Day for U Medical Students 03/23/2010
No More Denim, No More SpongeBob Scrubs 03/22/2010
Utah Study First to Map Genome of Entire Family 03/10/2010
Utah Doctors Use Stem Cells to Repair Failing Hearts 03/05/2010
Utahn's 'Caveman Diet' catching on worldwide 02/09/2010
Schools in areas of dangerous pollution 02/09/2010
10 Secrets to Staying Pain Free 01/31/2010
Hidden Burn Dangers of Treadmills 01/19/2010
Genome Study Provides a Census of Early Humans 01/18/2010
University of Utah aids in fight against ALS 12/21/2009
When can kids wear contacts? 11/12/2009
U. genetics Web site is an Internet sensation 11/06/2009
New desk makes for standing-room only in the office 10/15/2009
U. conducting novel research on congenital heart defects 10/14/2009
New genetic link to autism revealed 10/08/2009
U. Hospital completes $200M expansion 07/17/2009
University Hospital celebrates completion of $200 million expansion 07/16/2009
U. Hospital renewed 07/01/2009
Polo match benefits U. pharmacy school 06/07/2009
Down syndrome discovery may help cancer patients 05/22/2009
Utah man to participate in MLB ALS day 05/06/2009
U. to honor nurse who's extra caring 04/18/2009
Women tout treatment received at voice clinic 04/16/2009
Enormous magnet lifted into University Hospital 04/14/2009
Autism study may offer new hope 03/20/2009
Utah ophthalmologists working to ban eyeball tattooing 03/17/2009
Geriatrics doctor to receive an award 02/20/2009
Utah researchers studying new drug to treat Alzheimer's 02/19/2009
Diagnosis by 'telemedicine' can save stroke victims 02/17/2009
University Hospital gets 'Baby Friendly' recognition 01/08/2009
Hospital's palliative care program evolving 12/31/2008
Utah man's planned heart attack procedure a success 12/15/2008
Nobel Prize winner hopes to teach Utahns through traveling exhibit 12/11/2008
Doctors schedule heart attack to heal man's heart 12/01/2008
U. study looks at stem cell impact on heart 11/28/2008
U. begins renovation of nursing school 11/21/2008
U technique aiding arrhythmia patients 10/20/2008
A sneak peek at the hospital room of the future 10/13/2008
U testing new heart pump 10/08/2008
Popular Supplements Don't Work Against Arthritis: Study 09/30/2008
U puts neurology center under 1 roof 09/26/2008
Study: Incontinence a Common Problem Among Women 09/17/2008
U. doctors treat rare cancer with liver transplants 09/04/2008
Magnesium helps pre-term babies 08/27/2008
'Extended Cycle' Contraception Garners More Interest 08/24/2008
U. finds genetic link to nicotine addiction 07/11/2008
3 U. experts invent a device to speed anesthesia recovery 06/26/2008
Utah invention could revolutionize recovery from anesthetics 06/12/2008
Gene Variant Boosts Risk of Sever Diabetic Eye, Kidney Diseases 05/08/2008
University Health Care's new Fetal Therapy Program designed to improve care for babies with birth defects 04/20/2008
Handcycling team to compete in Salt Lake City marathon 04/11/2008
Study uses hormones to treat multiple sclerosis 04/10/2008
U. aims to help minorities enter medical program 04/04/2008
Historic experiment prevents, repairs 2 major eye diseases 03/17/2008
Changes make patients feel more at home 03/04/2008
Endowed chairs will honor U.'s Mario Capecchi 03/01/2008
Study to see if Omega-3 fatty acid prevents diabetes 02/05/2008
Sorrow, warm memories mix on 10th anniversary of crash 01/12/2008
U professor awarded Nobel in Sweden 12/11/2007
Writing about historic implant 11/25/2007
'82 heart implant sparked progress 11/25/2007
U of U Breaks Ground on New South Jordan Health Center 11/08/2007
A Nobel Warrior 10/12/2007
Capecchi's path to Nobel started in streets 10/08/2007
Students learn to appreciate what's in their head 03/17/2007