Article Date
Top Five Most Memorable Science Moments of 2015 12/31/2015
International Study Reveals New Genetic Clues to Age-Related Macular Degeneration 12/28/2015
Wired for Gaming: Brain Differences Found in Compulsive Video Game Players 12/21/2015
Advancing the BRAIN Initiative 12/17/2015
Comprehensive Mentoring Program Builds Foundation for Success 12/11/2015
Children Are Being Evaluated at a Younger Age for Autism Spectrum Disorder 12/10/2015
Rena N. D’Souza, D.D.S., Ph.D., Elected Vice President of the International Association for Dental Research 12/10/2015
A Molecular Noose Caught in the Act 12/03/2015
Value Drive Outcomes (VDO) 12/03/2015
Why Online Doctor Ratings are Good Medicine 12/01/2015
Possible New Mechanism for Aspirin’s Role in Cancer Prevention 11/23/2015
Advances in Precision Medicine and Translational Research: PPH and CCTS Pilot Award Symposium 11/19/2015
Research Shows Promise for Drug to Treat Rare Neurodegenerative Disorder 11/14/2015
ER visits, hospitalizations decline in elderly patients evaluated by DNA testing and predictive medication analytics system 11/12/2015
University of Utah Launches Value University, New Online Learning Platform for Health Care Professionals 11/11/2015
How Low to Go for Blood Pressure? Lower Target Could Affect Millions of Americans 11/09/2015
Study Shows Benefits of Intensive Blood Pressure Management 11/09/2015
Internationally Regarded Oncologist, Kathleen A. Cooney, M.D., Named Chair of Internal Medicine 11/05/2015
Utah Author Shares his Story of Loss as Part of “Grief and the Holidays" 11/05/2015
University of Utah School of Medicine Wins Spot on National Consortium With Plan to Improve Quality, Reduce Costs for Undergraduates 11/04/2015
Top Researcher Angela Fagerlin, Ph.D., Named Chair of Department of Population Health Sciences 11/03/2015
Cancer-Killing Herpes Cold Sore Virus OK'd as Therapy for Late-Stage Melanoma 10/29/2015
AirMed Medical Director, Eric Swanson, M.D., Honored on National Stage by Peers 10/28/2015
Crash Risk: Study Highlights Lifestyle, Occupational Factors That May Put Truck Drivers in Danger 10/21/2015
Building Immune System Memory 10/20/2015
High Honor for the U of U Medical School’s Vivian S. Lee, Mario R. Capecchi: Election to the National Academy of Medicine 10/19/2015
Celebrating 60 Years of Cardiac Surgery in Utah With Russell M. Nelson, M.D. 10/19/2015
Peter R. Huntsman Named CEO 10/14/2015
Why Elephants Rarely Get Cancer 10/08/2015
Charlton Park named UUHC’s new Chief Analytics Officer 10/05/2015
University of Utah Joins CDC in Effort to Stop Spread of Ebola, MRSA and Other Infectious Diseases in Health Care Settings 10/05/2015
University of Utah Health Care Continues to Make the List 6 Years Running 10/01/2015
Johnson Foundation Gives $100,000 to Support Moran Center for Translational Medicine 09/30/2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for September 2015 09/30/2015
Technology to Crowdsource Complex Triggers of Pediatric Asthma 09/28/2015
National Panel Makes Recommendations to Prevent Medical Diagnostic Errors 09/24/2015
University of Utah, Dixie State partner to offer PA program in Southern Utah 09/24/2015
Extreme Makeover of the Heart: Matrix Therapy is First FDA-approved Procedure of its Kind 09/21/2015
Zubieta Named Chair of the Department of Psychiatry 09/10/2015
Improving patient care while lowering costs: How Utah is leading the way 09/08/2015
John A. Moran Eye Center Ranked in Top 10 Ophthalmology Residency Programs 09/04/2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for August 2015 08/31/2015
Mom's Better Diet Could Mean Fewer Birth Defects 08/26/2015
Vets Who Leave Military Because of Misconduct More Likely to Be Homeless 08/25/2015
Why Do So Many Children Born With Heart Defects Have Trouble in School? 08/23/2015
Join Us for Utah’s Largest Free Family Health Fair 08/21/2015
The University of Utah Ranks High Among World Universities 08/20/2015
Senator Rand Paul Joins Moran Outreach Mission to Haiti 08/20/2015
HHS Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell Discusses Health Care Reform During Visit to University of Utah Health Care 08/13/2015
Moran Eye Center Surgical Mission in Haiti 08/13/2015
Pelvic Pain May be Common Among Reproductive-Age Women, Study Finds 08/12/2015
Grant Aids Dental School in Providing Care for Overlooked Population: Substance Abusers 08/05/2015
Viruses Thrive In Big Families, In Sickness and In Health 08/04/2015
Coordinated Effort Critical for Stopping Spread of Hospital-Acquired Infections 08/04/2015
Explorations Grant 07/31/2015
Genetic Tug of War in the Brain Influences Behavior 07/30/2015
New Utah Geriatric Education Center to Improve Geriatric Care Across Utah 07/29/2015
Stem Cell Delivery Method Shows Promise for Treating End Stage Heart Failure 07/27/2015
Poor Survival in Multiple Myeloma Patients Linked to Genetic Variation 07/22/2015
University of Utah Named Number One Health Care System in Utah 07/21/2015
Health Care Providers A Major Contributor to Problem of Antibiotic Overuse 07/20/2015
Study Highlights Burden of Pneumonia Hospitalizations Among US Adults 07/14/2015
Milk Prep Room Ribbon Cutting 07/13/2015
University of Utah Hospital Celebrates 50 Golden Years of Serving the Intermountain West 07/10/2015
University of Utah Health Care Named 2015 Most Wired Advanced 07/09/2015
National Cancer Institute Awards Huntsman Cancer Institute Elite Comprehensive Cancer Center Designation 07/08/2015
University of Utah Names Two News Faculty Members as Benning Scholars 07/07/2015
Carnegie’s BioEYES Expands to the University of Utah 07/06/2015
Genetic Testing in Kids is Fraught with Complications 07/02/2015
University of Utah Announces Inaugural Round of Grants to Advance Precision Medicine and Translational Research 06/30/2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for June 2015 06/30/2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for July 2015 06/30/2015
Stopping Ebola Before It Spreads: Identify Incoming Infected Travelers 06/25/2015
Long-Time Faculty Member Talmage Egan Named Chair of Anesthesiology 06/18/2015
Patients Less Likely to Die if Readmitted to Same Hospital 06/17/2015
David Perry, M.B.A., Named Chief Marketing Officer 06/15/2015
Genomics England Selects Omicia and University of Utah Technology for 100,000 Genomes Project 06/11/2015
U.S. News & World Report Ranks Primary Children’s Hospital and The U’s Department of Pediatrics in 7 Specialties for Its 2015-2016 Rankings 06/09/2015
University of Utah Designated as Center of Excellence for Tourette Syndrome at Annual Education Day 06/05/2015
University of Utah Neuroscience Initiative Announces Inaugural Round of Grants to Understand the Brain in Disease and in Health 06/03/2015
Pediatrician Ed Clark, M.D., Honored by the Utah Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics 06/03/2015
Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine Receives Optum® Center of Excellence Designation 06/03/2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for May 2015 05/31/2015
Nation’s research funding squeeze imperils patient care, say top medical school deans 05/27/2015
U of U School of Medicine Graduation Exercises 05/23/2015
U of U School of Medicine to Honor Body Donors, Families at Memorial Service 05/22/2015
Newly Launched Utah Parkinson Disease Registry To Provide Insights Into Disease’s Causes 05/21/2015
Innovative Approaches to Preventing Muscle Loss Earns Micah Drummond, Ph.D., AGS Investigator Award 05/20/2015
Seminal Discoveries in Metabolism Earn Biochemist Jared Rutter, Ph.D., HHMI Investigator Appointment 05/19/2015
Odd Genetic Syndrome Suggests Increased Blood Vessel Resistance Could Cause Hypertension 05/11/2015
Walking an Extra Two Minutes Each Hour May Offset Hazards of Sitting Too Long 04/30/2015
Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions for April 2015 04/30/2015
Road Less Traveled Leads to National Academy of Sciences for Biochemist Brenda L. Bass, Ph.D. 04/28/2015
Study Calls Into Question Inducing Hypothermia to Treat Cardiac Arrest In Childen 04/25/2015
Team of U. Student-Innovators Rake in Big Bucks at Rice 04/22/2015
Mario Capecchi Recognized With AACR Lifetime Achievement in Cancer Research Award 04/17/2015
Biochemist Adam Hughes Named 2015 Searle Scholar for Research into Age-related Disease 04/16/2015
Friend or Foe? Enzyme Discerns Whether RNA Is Viral or Not 04/16/2015
What Do You Want #AtTheEnd? 04/15/2015
New Method Increases Accuracy of Ovarian Cancer Prognosis and Diagnosis 04/15/2015
Tim Hynes Foundation Names 2015 SMTA Scholarship Recipient 04/13/2015
Cinluma wins Grand Prize at Bench-2-Beside Competition 04/09/2015
AMSSM Launches New Sports Medicine Website Geared Toward Parents and the Public 04/08/2015
Bed to Bedside Competition April 8 04/08/2015
Opening School of Dentistry 04/07/2015
Severe Malaria Marked by Unique Biochemical Changes: Finding Could Lead to Better Treatments 04/06/2015
Pulitzer Prize Winner Nicholas Kristof to Kick Off Global Health Conference 04/06/2015
Noted UCSF Scientist Joins Research Team at Huntsman Cancer Institute 04/06/2015
University of Utah Study Links Rates of ADHD to Altitude 04/03/2015
University of Utah Center on Aging Welcomes Ken Rockwood, M.D., as Keynote Speaker for 9th Annual Research Retreat 04/03/2015
Business Insider Ranks University of Utah Medical School Among the 25 Best 04/02/2015
Bench-2-Bedside Competition to Showcase U. Students’ Medical Innovations at State Capitol, April 8 04/02/2015
Amyloidosis Clinic Opens in Utah, Third in the Country Specializing in Treatment of the Rare Disease 03/26/2015
Study Links Thin Air, Higher Altitudes to Depression in Female Rats 03/25/2015
New Insights Into Little Known But Common Birth Defect: Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia 03/25/2015
University of Utah Health Plans Selected for Green & Healthy Homes Pay for Success Project 03/25/2015
A Call for Caution Before Genetically Engineering Humans 03/19/2015
New College of Public Health Opens in Ghana 03/13/2015
Want to Touch a Brain? 03/11/2015
Improving Data Quality to Equalize Patient Care 03/10/2015
US News Ranks U of U Health Sciences Programs Among Best in the Country: Significant Jump in Nursing Rankings 03/10/2015
Rare Disease Day Organizers to Raise Awareness at Symposium and Statehouse Event 02/26/2015
Largest Study of Its Kind Documents Causes of Childhood Community-Acquired Pneumonia 02/25/2015
Utah’s Newest, Modern Health Center Opens its Doors 02/23/2015
AirMed Is Moving on Up--To Layton! 02/20/2015
New Insights Into Causes of ALS 02/19/2015
Meth Damages Adolescent Brains Far More than Those of Adults, Study Finds 02/11/2015
Novel "Smart" Insulin Automatically Adjusts Blood Sugar in Diabetic Mouse Model 02/09/2015
Karen Wilcox, Ph.D., Named Chair of Pharmacology and Toxicology 02/06/2015
Identification of a Much-Needed Drug Target Against MRSA, Gram-Positive Infections 02/02/2015
Cell Mechanism Discovered That May Cause Pancreatic Cancer 01/28/2015
Louisa Stark Wins Award From the Genetics Society of America 01/23/2015
Honoring a Career of Excellence 01/22/2015
Immune System Promotes Digestive Health by Fostering Community of “Good” Gut Bacteria 01/22/2015
Woodward Honored as Outstanding Educator 01/20/2015
A Glimpse at the Future of Heart Care 01/19/2015
University of Utah Health Care Welcomes Chad Westover as New Health Plans CEO 01/16/2015
U of U School of Medicine Welcomes Thought Leaders from Around the World 01/15/2015
New Study Findings Help Physicians and Patients Determine Prostate Cancer Risk 01/09/2015
Defying Textbook Science, Study Finds New Role for Proteins 01/01/2015