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Associate Director, Public Relations, University of Utah Health
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Jun 06, 2019 10:00 AM

University of Utah Health providers are utilizing Telehealth services to provide care to OBGYN patients at the Salt Lake County Metro Jail. Marcela Smid, MD, Jasmin E. Charles, PA-C, and Brett Clement, RN with Salt Lake County, have now seen 15 individual patients for over 30 pregnancy visits through this partnership.

The SUPeRAD clinic (Substance Use & Pregnancy – Recovery, Addiction and Dependence), directed by Smid and Charles, was established in August 2017 by members from the Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine, within the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the U. The clinic provides preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum care for women with substance use and dependence.

SUPeRAD offers services to pregnant and postpartum women who are actively using substances or are in recovery from addiction and/or dependence.  The clinic consists of a multi-disciplinary team with addiction consultants, social workers, peer-support coaches, and nurse case management. In addition, the clinic has integrated outpatient and inpatient services such as delivery services, anesthesia services with opioid-sparing pain management protocols, and pediatric care for infants of mothers with substance abuse. Other resources are available to support women including Telemedicine visits, onsite laboratory, antenatal testing, obstetric ultrasound, and free child care.

The partnership of the SUPeRAD clinic with Salt Lake County allows U of U Health providers to connect with patients, offering programs from acute patient consultations to education-based outreach to the community. Utilizing U of U Health’s Telehealth program helps to ensure that SUPeRAD’s patients, including those who are inmates, are getting consistent care throughout their pregnancies. The SL County Jail has a women’s health clinic that is facilitated by a Physician Assistant (PA) who is able to provide any exam elements from PAPs to vaginal testing. Patients still visit their provider in-person for their formal anatomy scan and additional scheduled visits towards the end of pregnancy.

U of U Health providers are grateful that this partnership has allowed for the continuity of care for a highly vulnerable population. “All women deserve quality care including during pregnancy and postpartum,” stated Smid. “The SUPeRAD team is committed to creating continuity of care and compassionate treatment for women who are incarcerated or recently incarcerated. We value this important partnership with the Salt Lake County Jail and the ability to be able to collaborate with our Telehealth program in providing critical medical care to this population of patients.”

“The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office is thrilled to partner with U of U Health to provide Telehealth services to our pregnant prisoners, who are often high risk,” said Salt Lake County Sherriff Rosie Rivera. “This collaboration provides high quality OBGYN care that is both cost effective and safe.”   

The SUPeRAD clinic is located at the University of Utah’s South Jordan Health Center, within walking distance from the Utah TRAX redline. For more information on University of Utah Health’s Telehealth program, clink on the link below. 

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