Media Contacts

Suzanne Winchester

Associate Director, Public Relations, University of Utah Health
Phone: 801-581-3102

Sep 04, 2019 10:00 AM

University of Utah Hospital has joined the Healthcare Anchor Network, a group of over 40 hospitals and health systems across the country that collaborate to build inclusive, local economies. Collectively, these Network members have employed more than 1 million people and invested over $150 billion in assets.

The Healthcare Anchor Network convenes health systems in order to share their best practices and redirect them to building and investing within the local community – by creating more local jobs and empowering minority and female-owned businesses. Members of the Network, typically non-profit organizations or publicly-owned enterprises, are community-focused, helping to ensure their communities are safe, vibrant and healthy.

“At University of Utah Health, we recognize the importance of working side-by-side with our community to address social, economic, and environmental disparities,” said Rylee Curtis, director of community engagement.  “As an anchor institution, we have an obligation to continually review our processes when it comes to purchasing, philanthropy, and workforce development to do what’s best to improve the health of our community.”

According to Curtis, joining the Healthcare Anchor Network provides a strategic opportunity for U of U Health to collaborate with other Healthcare Anchor Institutions across the nation, including seven medical schools.

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