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Apr 06, 2020 10:00 AM

As the global COVID-19 outbreak rises, developing countries with limited health resources and less access to specialized equipment are expected to face significantly higher rates of infection and mortality. In response, the Center for Medical Innovation (CMI) at University of Utah Health has partnered with globally-minded innovators and clinicians in India, Nepal and Kenya to develop and implement novel, low-cost solutions to protect health providers and manage critically-ill patients in Utah and around the world.

For years, CMI’s long-term global health partner programs in India, Nepal and Kenya provided opportunities for hands-on learning and research for Utah medical professionals. Now, during the COVID-19 crisis, CMI responds to the global need of accessible innovation, supporting its worldwide partners and sharing knowledge with greater global community.

In collaboration with its global partners and with support from the Utah philanthropic community, including the Sorenson Legacy Foundation and the Dinesh and Kalpana Patel Foundation, CMI has developed low-cost solutions to manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE) and effectively treat critically-ill patients infected with COVID-19.

Designated as the regional headquarters for the management of COVID-19, the Shakti Krupa Trust Community Health Center located in Gujarat, India, the Kumari Clinic in Kumari, Nepal, and the Mully Children’s Family clinics in Kenya are receiving continuing support and guidance from CMI on COVID-19 patient treatment with limited resources, as well as other methods to maximize health care system efficiency.

Focusing on options to expand reusable PPE and respiratory support systems, CMI has developed an array of solutions to meet the unprecedented demand for PPE and ventilatory support around the globe. These included developing and releasing open-source instructions for assembling reusable face shields, aerosol containment systems during intubation, respiratory masks and noninvasive CPAP ventilation systems using readily available respiratory supplies. Program managers at sites in India, Nepal and Kenya have direct access to CMI engineering teams to collaboratively develop solutions for COVID-19 patient treatment and health care worker protection tailored to their communities.

The Sorenson Legacy Foundation has graciously committed to providing an additional $90,000 for global health innovation during this public health emergency, citing a need to bring global citizens together and providing critical support to the most vulnerable populations in times of crisis. The Center for Medical Innovation would like to recognize the support being provided by the Shakti Krupa Trust and HOPS Healthcare Solutions with our global health partners in India.

To learn more about CMI’s efforts to support COVID-19 management in resource limited settings, please visit or contact

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