Health Professions Academy Honors Salt Lake High School Students

Health Professions Academy Honors Salt Lake High School Students

Apr 16, 2003 6:00 PM

The University of Utah Health Sciences Center and the Salt Lake School District will recognize 92 high school students Tuesday, April 22, at 7:45 a.m. in the Us Marriott Library Gould Auditorium for their year-long participation in the Health Professions Academy.

Keynote speaker is Gena Baca, a student in her final semester at the U College of Nursing. Several academy students will speak about their experiences during the program, and certificates of completion will be presented.

Health Professions Academy introduces high school students to health sciences opportunities and careers. The sessions include interactive classes and hands-on experience with health professionals.

Since 1999, when the program began, more than 500 students have participated. Of these students, approximately 34 percent are from ethnically diverse backgrounds and 36 percent from economically disadvantaged households.

Students in the programs first year complete a high school curriculum in medical anatomy and physiology and take part in classes at the U Health Sciences Center one day a week. They are introduced to a variety of health professions and careers, followed by hands-on experience in the laboratory, hospital, medical school, and pharmacy.

During the second year, students who choose to continue enroll in a college-level course and receive two semester hours of credit. The course focuses on cultural diversity, healthy lifestyles, disease control, emergency care, medical forensics, midwifery, epidemiology, bioethics, and therapeutic rehabilitation.

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