U Nutrition Students Prepare Meals for Ronald McDonald House Guests

U Nutrition Students Prepare Meals for Ronald McDonald House Guests

Feb 27, 2003 5:00 PM

Some University of Utah students have been getting a taste of community nutrition issues in action by preparing meals for the guests of Salt Lakes Ronald McDonald House.

The students are enrolled in "Nutrition Policy" taught by Jean Zancanella, M.S., R.D., C.D., instructor in the College of Healths Division of Foods and Nutrition. The course is part of the Coordinated Masters Program in Dietetics.

The guests of Ronald McDonald House are usually the out-of-town parents or caregivers of youngsters who are hospitalized in Salt Lake.

These parents must often leave their homes and jobs for a lengthy period, so the charity house, staffed by volunteers, is available to help relieve the burden of financing their stay.

Students in the class put their newly acquired knowledge to work Feb. 24 and 27 by preparing nutritionally balanced meals for the Ronald McDonald House guests. They will do so again Mar. 4.

Prior to preparing the meals, students visited Costco, Harmons, Albertsons, and Granatos, all of which generously donated food. They then had to decide how to use what they had collected in the most nutritionally advantageous way. Student Jill Barrios said, "Guests have thanked us for bringing in fresh fruits and vegetables."

In this class, students are learning how nutrition and health issues in the community are resolved through community action and nutrition policy.

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