U Announces Safe Workplace Scholars

U Announces Safe Workplace Scholars

Jun 10, 2004 6:00 PM

Graduate students at the University of Utah's Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (RMCOEH) have received scholarships totaling more than $10,000 through the Safe Workplace Scholarships program.

The scholarship program, funded by Workers Compensation Fund (WCF), supports research into the causes and cures of occupational diseases and injuries. The program provides $1,750 scholarships in industrial hygiene, ergonomics and safety, and occupational medicine.

Recipients are: Kurt H. Church, who is pursuing a Master of Science degree in public health, with emphasis in industrial hygiene; Andrew S. Merryweather and Juan C. Rodriguez, who are both working toward a Master in Science in Mechanical Engineering, with an emphasis in ergonomics and safety; and, Hannah E. Edwards, M.D., and Kathy Y. Chang, M.D., who are studying occupational medicine. WCF also provided funding for an additional scholarship in industrial hygiene to be awarded during the coming academic year.

"To improve workplace safety, it is imperative that our institutions of higher education train individuals who are willing to make industrial safety and occupational medicine their life's work,"says Lane A. Summerhayes, WCF president and CEO. "We are pleased to support the current progress -- and future promise -- of improved workplace safety through the Safe Workplace Scholarship program at RMCOEH."

The scholarships were presented at the annual Caine Workplace Safety Luncheon hosted by WCF, one of several public awareness initiatives WCF will promote this June for National Safety Month.

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