2005 News Archive

University, LDS Hospitals Ready to Enroll Patients in Study of New Blood Substitute for Trauma Patients12/15/2005
Gene Increases Risk of Precursor of Macular Degeneration11/28/2005
By Silencing Gene in Worm, Researchers Identify Role in Age-old Mystery of Regeneration11/23/2005
An Alzheimer's Program for the 21st Century: Top Expert to Open Clinic at U of U, Join New Brain Institute11/16/2005
U Occupational Environmental Health Director Appointed to Chair National Practice Guidelines Committee11/14/2005
U Hydrogel 'Paper' Plays Critical Part as Study Seeks to 'Print' Human Organs11/01/2005
Study Shows that Popular Over-the-Counter Pain Medications Can Cause Serious Stomach Problems10/31/2005
School of Medicine Names Charles L. Saltzman, M.D., New Chair of Orthopedics10/31/2005
U Medical Informatics Professor Receives National Honor10/30/2005
Huntsman Cancer Institute: A New Turn-on for Genes 10/20/2005
U of U School of Medicine Celebrates 'A Century of Brilliance'10/10/2005
Risk for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Increases in Winter10/09/2005
U Researchers Determine Structure, Produce 1st Images of Protein that Aids Virus Needs to Replicate and Spread10/03/2005
U Study To Assess New Drug Treatment 10/02/2005
Salt Lake County Named Vanguard Site for Landmark Children's Study09/28/2005
U of U to Celebrate Opening of New Health Sciences Education Building08/31/2005
$22.5 Million Gift to School of Medicine will help Recruit and Retain Top Faculty 08/14/2005
U Researchers Find Key Process in Gene Regulation Occurs in Blood Platelets08/10/2005
University Health Care Named Among America's Best Hospitals for 12th Time07/07/2005
A 'Dimmer Switch' for Genes07/06/2005
University Health Care Unveiled as New Identity for All Patient Services at U07/05/2005
Internationally Regarded U of U Neurologist, Jack H. Petajan, Dies of Cancer06/23/2005
U Pathology Department Names Janis Weis as Recipient of Watkins Endowed Chair06/21/2005
U Pathology Department Names Janis Weis as Recipient of Watkins Endowed Chair06/21/2005
U Researchers Discover Why Major Diabetes Drug Causes Edema; Shed Light on Role of Kidneys in Hypertension06/16/2005
U Research Finds Relatives of Women with Lobular Breast Cancer at Higher Risk06/14/2005
University, LDS Hospitals Seek Public Comment on Trial of New Blood Substitute for Trauma Patients06/13/2005
$2.5 Million to Fight Disease, Bioterror06/07/2005
$3.68 Million Grant to Boost Public Health "Informatics"06/06/2005
U Scientists Find A Maturity Gene06/01/2005
AMA President to Address U Public Health Graduates05/25/2005
U Medical School to Honor Body Donors, Families at Memorial Service05/24/2005
Medical School Commencement to Honor 99 New Doctors, Other Professionals05/18/2005
A Century of 'Pioneers and Progress' in Utah Medicine: Conference to Reflect on U Medical School's History05/17/2005
U Nursing Photographs Take Top Honors in National Photojournalism Contest05/16/2005
Infectious Disease Specialist, Physician Assistant Receive National Honors for HIV/AIDS Care05/15/2005
Process Improvement Efforts Earn University Hospital Top 100 Ranking05/12/2005
March of Dimes Awards $250,000 Prize to Pioneers in Genetic Research05/08/2005
College of Nursing to Present Program on Honoring Deceased Loved Ones05/06/2005
College of Nursing Offers Workshop for Bereavement Counselors05/04/2005
Cheung to Hold Dialysis Foundation Chair05/03/2005
Dinner's On: Tiny Pills of RNA Fed to Planarians Help Identify Genes Essential for Regeneration05/01/2005
U Study Seeks Adults with ADHD, Alcohol Abuse Problems to Test Whether New Drug Can Help Stop Drinking04/28/2005
U Medical School Researchers Rule Out Elastin Gene as Cause of Familial Brain Aneurysms04/24/2005
U Names Kim Wirthlin To Top Posts in Government Relations, Health-Care Communications04/19/2005
Obesity Hits Below the Belt: Overweight Americans Suffer Higher Rate of Knee Cartilage Tears, U Researchers Find04/18/2005
U of U Receives $7 Million Gift from Spencer F. and Cleone P. Eccles04/16/2005
Ogden Regional Medcial Center, U Hospital Partner to Offer Air Ambulance Service to Northern Utah04/13/2005
In a Heartbeat? New Low-Radiation, High-Speed CT Lets U Radiologists Diagnose Coronary Artery Disease in Minutes04/05/2005
New Funds to Help Keep Workers, Workplaces Safe, Healthy04/04/2005
Catheters-To-Go Take Pain Out of Post-Operative Recovery for U Orthopaedic Center Patients04/03/2005
Five in a Row--U Medical School's Residency in Radiology Rate No. 1 Program by American Board of Radiology03/29/2005
U College of Pharmacy Dean John Mauger Named Board of Trustees Chair for U.S. Pharmacopeia03/20/2005
Utah Poison Control Center Reminds Everyone National Poison Prevention Week is March 20-2603/13/2005
Close Relatives of Men with Prostate Cancer at Greater Risk for Other Types of Cancer, Too, U Researchers Report03/13/2005
U's Occupational/Environmental Health Center Honored by Utah Medical Association03/10/2005
U Researchers Develop Mouse Model to Study Treatments for Blinding Diseases in Humans03/08/2005
U Orthopaedic Center Part of Worldwide Study to Advance Scoliosis Treatment03/08/2005
U Researcher Briefs Bush Adviser, Congressional Staff on Study of Medicare Reimbursement for Chemotherapy02/17/2005
U Center on Aging Study Helps the Newly Widowed Survive and Thrive02/14/2005
Linkage Studies Show Promise of Finding Genes that Cause Depression, U Medical School Researchers Say02/10/2005
Surgical Alternative to Hysterectomy for Women with Symptomatic Uterine Fibroids02/03/2005
Urologist Speaks At Congressional Briefing on Devastating Problem of Urinary Incontinence02/02/2005
High Consent Rate Makes U Hospital a Leader in Commitment to Organ Donation02/02/2005
Medical School Study Shows Graduated Driver Licensing Has Made Only Small Dent in Reducing Young-Driver Crashes01/25/2005
Avalanche, Winter Survival Training for U AirMed Flight Teams01/12/2005
U Hospital's Stroke Services Named Region's First Primary Stroke Center01/11/2005
U Center for Occupational Environmental Health to Offer Seminar on Managing Cultural Diversity in Workplace 01/10/2005
Research to Prevent Blindness Awards Moran Eye Center Additional Grant01/09/2005
U Seeks Patients with Rare Lung Disease for Trial of Drug that May Prolong Survival01/05/2005
Humanitarian Teaching Mission Result of Continuing Partnership with African Medical Schools01/04/2005