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Sports Medicine Laboratory at the U of U Accredited by WADA 11/29/2006
Utah Poison Control Center Saves Rural Residents More Than $1 Million In Hospital Costs 11/27/2006
New CEO Named for Hospitals & Clinics 11/19/2006
University of Utah Commences Patient Enrollment for Stroke Study 11/07/2006
Picture This: Utah Center For Advanced Imaging Research Receives $1.8 Million Grant From Margolis Foundation 11/02/2006
Surprising Find With Blood Platelets Opens Avenues For Developing Anti-Clot Drugs 10/22/2006
University of Utah Hematology Professor Receives More Than $2 million to Conduct International Research on Blood Disorders 10/10/2006
University of Utah Medical School Researchers Receive Nearly $3 Million in Grants to Study Diabetes Complications 10/08/2006
Good, Bad Blood Cells: Form Clots, Fight Inflammation, Trigger Heart Attacks 10/04/2006
$1.7 Million NIH Grant Sets Up University of Utah To Buy Small-Animal MRI Scanner For New Research Center 08/17/2006
Noted Cell Biologist Selected as New Leader of the Unversity of Utah's Huntsman Cancer Insititute 08/15/2006
SCIENTISTS REVERSE EVOLUTION - Half-Billion-Year-Old Gene is Reconstructed from Two Descendants 08/06/2006
Fruit Flies on Phenobarbital? Sedative Studies Shed Light on How Insects, People Defend Against Environmental Toxins 06/28/2006
Utah Researchers Show Proteins Spur Blood Vessels, Nerves to Grown In Mice With Diabetes, Vascular Disease 06/26/2006
$2 Million Grant Puts U of U at Forefront Training Physicians in Geriatric Medicine 06/15/2006
When Good Mice Go Bad: New U of U Genetics Center Web Site Makes Science of Drug Addiction Easy to Understand 06/13/2006
Do Common Cold Viruses Cause Multiple Sclerosis Attacks? U Researchers Seek Volunteers with Sniffles To Find Out 06/07/2006
University of Utah Study Shows Minivans, Trucks Pose Greatest Risk of Backing Over Children in Driveways 06/04/2006
University of Utah Seeks Participants in National Study of Drug to Prevent Recurrent Strokes, Heart Attacks 05/30/2006
University of Utah School of Medicine Commencement to Honor 104 New Doctors, Other Health-Care Professionals 05/18/2006
National Women's Health Week: Time for Women to Focus on Their Own Well-Being 05/07/2006
Research to Stem Hospital Infections Brings Together Three Major Utah Health-Care Systems 05/03/2006
Pioneer in Health-Care Computer Technology is Keynote Speaker at Annual U of U Health Sciences InfoFair 04/20/2006
Bitter Truth: Humans, Chimps Developed Ability to Taste Toxic Compounds Through Separate Genetic Mutations 04/12/2006
Utah Poison Control Center Gives Important Reminders for National Poison Prevention Week, March 19-25 03/15/2006
College of Nursing Benefits from Multi-Million Dollar Gift from Intermountain Healthcare 02/27/2006
Study Suggests Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfate Efficacy May Depend on Level of Osteoarthritis Pain 02/21/2006
Study 'For Keeps': U Researchers Part of 8-Center Trial of Early Estrogen and Heart Disease 02/14/2006
Rick Fullmer, University of Utah Health Care Leader, Dies After Long Bout with Cancer 02/03/2006
U Study to Assess New Drug Treatment for Stuttering in Adults 02/02/2006
Identifying Source of Muscle-Repair Cells Opens Possibility of Treating Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy Patients 01/22/2006
University of Utah Names Four Researchers to Hold Benning Endowed Chairs at Medical School 01/08/2006

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