2009 News Archive

Med-Into-Grad Program Fills Gap in Training Ph.D.s for Translational Research12/10/2009
Learning About High Cholesterol and Obesity From Fruit Flies12/02/2009
Risk for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Increases in Winter11/10/2009
U of U Is One of Five Network Centers in NIH Clinical Trial to Test Blood Pressure Strategy10/29/2009
Grievers Invited To Gather Tips For Managing The Holiday Season10/27/2009
Anesthesiology Professor Harriet Hopf, M.D., To Lead University of Utah's Women in Medicine Program10/27/2009
From Brain Diagrams to Skin Seals, Researchers Plan Far-Reaching Projects with Economic Stimulus Grants10/27/2009
Macular Degeneration, Other Blood Vessel Diseases May be Treatable with Pills10/25/2009
Humans, Fruit Flies Trace Key Ability to Properly Form Tissues to Common, Ancient Ancestor10/22/2009
U Center of Excellence Will Improve Public Health Response to Outbreaks of Disease10/20/2009
Researchers Land $8.2 Million Grant in Major NIH Initiative to Cure Congenital Heart Defects10/13/2009
Global Collaboration Finds New Genetic Link for Autism10/08/2009
Global Collaboration Finds New Genetic Link for Autism10/08/2009
Former U Biochemist Awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry10/07/2009
Brain Institute Investigators Will Use Stimulus Grant to Develop Ways to Assess Epilepsy Drugs10/01/2009
Biomedical Informatics Chair, Joyce A. Mitchell, Ph.D., Named to National Library of Medicine Board of Regents09/30/2009
U Cardiologist Ivor J. Benjamin, M.D., Wins $2.5 Million NIH Pioneer Award09/24/2009
ARUP Funds Presidential Endowed Chair in Honor of Carl R. Kjeldsberg, M.D.09/21/2009
Honored Educator, Longtime Faculty Member, Lynn B. Jorde, Ph.D., Named New Chair of Human Genetics09/15/2009
Distinghuished HIV Researchers, U Faculty Members, Named Co-Chairs of Biochemistry09/11/2009
Gene Variation That Lets People Get by on Fewer Zees Is Transferred into Mice09/11/2009
First Evidence of Virus in Cancerous Prostate Cells09/07/2009
New Insights into Cause and Prevention of Alzehimer's Disease09/03/2009
New Hope for Deadly Childhood Bone Cancer08/31/2009
University of Utah Health Care Again Ranked Among America's Best08/28/2009
Gene Variation Is 'Major Genetic Determinant of Psoriasis'08/27/2009
Families To Enjoy a Week of Fun, Healthy Activities at Be Well Utah08/25/2009
U of U College of Pharmacy Breaks Ground on Skaggs Pharmacy Institute08/11/2009
Scientists Discover Gene Mutation Responsible For Hereditary Neuroendocrine Tumor07/23/2009
Scientists Shed Light on Cause of Inherited Movement Disorder07/21/2009
Study Sheds Light on Mental Retardation, Birth Defects07/20/2009
A New Era in Patient Care: University of Utah Hospital Opens New Pavilion07/16/2009
U Neurobiologist Named as ELAM Fellow06/26/2009
Good News and Bad for Dad this Father's Day06/14/2009
Will Lowering Body Temperature Prevent Brain Damage in Children Who Suffer Cardiac Arrest?06/11/2009
U of U Awarded $1.66M to Research New Way of Reducing Implant Infection06/09/2009
U of U Pediatrics Department to Lead Utah in National Effort to Address Child Brain Injuries06/08/2009
Gene Alterations May Contribute to Autism Susceptibility05/28/2009
Extra Gene May Explain Why Down's Syndrome Patients Less Susceptible to Cancer05/21/2009
A Surprise 'Spark' for Pre-Cancerous Colon Polyps05/14/2009
Detecting an Epidemic in Real Time05/11/2009
College of Nursing Honors Maliheh Free Clinic for 'Daring to Care' for Uninsured Utahns05/01/2009
University of Utah Health Care Opens First Integrated EP MRI Lab in North America05/01/2009
National Children's Study Visits Corroon Household04/29/2009
Autism Linked to Moms Who Give Birth at 35 or Older or Being Firstborn or Breech04/28/2009
U Neurosurgery Chair Named to Post with American Association of Neurological Surgeons04/28/2009
US News Ranks Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Programs Among Best04/24/2009
Pelvic Floor Disorders May Have Genetic Link04/23/2009
Research Collaboration Targets Stem Cell Therapy for Lou Gehrig's Disease04/17/2009
Seeds of Remembrance Become Flowers of Hope for Grieving Individuals04/16/2009
Caring Connections at the University of Utah College of Nursing to Host Hospice Foundation of America's 16th Annual Living With Grief Teleconference04/09/2009
U of U Study Shows that Novel Medical Imaging Technique May Enable Physicians to Predict Treatment Outcomes in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation04/07/2009
Brain Mapping Advances Cut Time From Years to Months04/01/2009
U of U Neurosciences Earns Top Center of Excellence Designation03/23/2009
Honor A Nurse Who Has Dared To Care03/19/2009
Demography Expert to Keynote U Aging Retreat03/18/2009
No 'Death NET?' That May Explain Why Millions of Infants Are at Risk for Potentially Deadly Blood Infection03/09/2009
U of U Personalizes Health Care Through New Health and Wellness Program 02/25/2009
U Stroke Center Reaccredited As Advanced Primary Care Stroke Center02/23/2009
Alzheimer's Drug Trial Seeks Participants02/19/2009
Genomewide Scan Reveals 4 Genetic Hotspots for Psoriasis02/17/2009
Rothstein Honored for Work with Elderly Dementia Patients02/17/2009
A Molecular Explanation For Iron Overload Disease 02/17/2009
Statement on the Death of Dr. Willem J. Kolff02/12/2009
Genes Shed Light on Social Behavior, Visual-Spatial Performance in Williams Syndrome02/11/2009
New Test for Breast Cancer Will Help Guide Treatment Choices02/09/2009
Statins May Prevent Blood Vessel Disorder that Can Lead to Fatal Strokes01/26/2009
U, State Health Researchers to Study Birth Defects with $5 million Grant01/23/2009
Bioengineering Professor Named to Lead Brain Institute 01/21/2009
Caravati Recognized as Fellow of American Academy of Clinical Toxicology01/06/2009