U of U Personalizes Health Care Through New Health and Wellness Program

U of U Personalizes Health Care Through New Health and Wellness Program

Feb 25, 2009 10:28 AM

With the unveiling of its new Health and Wellness Center in Research Park, University Health Care now offers customized preventive care and wellness coaching for health conscious individuals on the go. Participation in the Health and Wellness Program includes a full day of physical, fitness, and nutritional assessments with goal setting stress management and ongoing professional support.

Many health experts agree that rising obesity and poor nutrition rates combined with the stress of everyday life has contributed to overall poor health with potentially serious complications. Fifty to 70 percent of all diseases and medical problems are associated with, or caused by, modifiable risks. For instance, nearly two thirds of adults in the United States are overweight, 78 percent are not meeting basic activity levels, and most do not consume nearly the recommended amount of fresh fruits and vegetables.

"Prevention and continued involvement is truly the key to overall health and wellness, but sometimes our busy lives can get in the way of our goals," said Julie Day, M.D., medical director for the Health and Wellness Center. "The Health and Wellness program combines the convenience of a one-time, comprehensive health assessment with University Health Care's world-class expertise in a way that meets the individual needs of the patient."

Those who take advantage of the Health and Wellness Program will begin with a thorough Whole Health Assessment, which includes physical and mental health evaluations in the relaxed atmosphere of the Health and Wellness Center. The medical exam consists of a full laboratory assessment, cardiovascular screening, body composition analysis, hearing and vision screenings, and specialty referrals if necessary. The Whole Health Assessment also includes fitness and nutrition consultations and lunch.

After the initial assessment, patients will receive follow-up coaching for one year in whatever arena they and their physician deem necessary. Continued care can include follow-up appointments, phone calls or e-mails, and can focus on healthy eating habits, fitness, stress management, or a variety of additional options.

Should patients decide against the total Whole Health Assessment package, the Health and Wellness Center also offers ala carte options, including a nutrition consultation, a personalized exercise program, or entire personalized weight-loss program.

For more information, please visit University Health Care's Health and Wellness Center Web site at www.healthcare.utah.edu/wellness.

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